More pictures of the all new Toyota Ractis

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The Ractis is a small hatchback based on what we know here as the Yaris.
The 2nd generation, pictured here, will be sold in Europe as well as the Verso-S.

It looks to me very similar to the Honda Fit.
And the Fit being pretty popular here, it seems there would be a market for a Toyota competition.

What do you think?

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  1. I thought Toyota was on record as saying (in so many words) – their designs were boring – and they needed more passion; future designs would change this….I don't see anything to back this up….

  2. Its almost a complete rip-off of the Fit. Toyota is looking more and more like a Chinese house manufacturer every day….*ack*

  3. Looks like a functional, practical people-hauler. Obviously, compared to a Fit, quite a satisfactory unit. But. boy, since Hyundai has been showing the way with forward thinking style, don't all these Toyota, Honda, even Mazdas look so 5 years ago.

  4. We probably wouldn't get the sunroof when sold as the Yaris.. I like this.. 40mpg hopefully.. maybe this will have the start/stop technology or one of the turbo engines they are talking about using in some 2012 models.

  5. In particular, it looks like the previous Fit. Honda wont have much to worry about. People who want the cheapest possible car will buy Toyota …or Hyundai, Mazda or one of the other increasing numbers of lower cost cars in this segment. You can get a Mazda2 for under $16k. So Toyota reskins the same junk, gives it a different name – thats when you know their last iteration didnt work.

    I've always liked the Fit and think Honda will continue to attract buyers who want something a little better in that same car class. Bear in mind, I'm speaking of the Fit only. Honda's designed by NAmerican Honda are awful.

  6. This isnt too bad at all.
    At least it still has normality to it. And thats what alot of people still want.
    The Hyundai design to alot of people is way overdone and melted.

  7. The Ractis is an obvious copy of the Fit, and is less attractive than the Fit. I just don't understand how Toyota can continually introduce bland vehicles with no design sensibility. I would think that Hyundai will continue to take market share from Toyota and Honda, given Hyundai's more forward-looking designs and competitive quality reputation. Ford will also be a tough competitor for Toyota.

  8. I agree with the comments about Hyundai being ahead of Honda and Toyota in design, but OMG they really need to retrain their salespeople. The two dealers in my area totally turned me off.

  9. Obviously "Ractis" is a Japanese word meaning "Wracked Rectum"

    I think I know where the dashes from the old Jeep Patriot wound up.

  10. When Nissan named their new car the "Juke" I said change the name or have it called "junk" or "Joke"
    Now I say again will it be called the "Rectum" or "rectumis"

  11. And finally, Toyota jumps into applying standard side profile with sharp line after keeping it conservative for so long.

  12. However, they still haven't realized that this kind of D-pillar is ugly. Somebody should strongly tell them, as well as the front grill of their pick up line.

  13. You said it Anonymous with regards to Hyundai styling. It does look melted and overstyled. It also looks very gaudy. All the current Hyundai designs that the media is hyped over, and that Hyundai PR people online are trying to further hype will age poorly. I am very confident of this. As the years go by, these designs will look more and more silly.

    As for this Toyota, it's clean, simple, and elegant styling. I don't see how this copies the fit, other than being a hatchback and having triangular rear lights. This has a very short front overhang. The Fit like most Hondas has a HUGE front overhang, so no way does this copy the Fit.

    The interior also looks nice and elegant, unlike the Fit interior which looks like it was designed by a 5-year old.

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