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Looking at these, it’s even more difficult to tell if it is the new one or not.
Predictably, it does look like a cross between the previous A6 and the current A4.

Why don’t they even try to give it its own personality?
At least a little bit…..

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  1. Fantastic-looking interior, but (much like the new A8), a tragically bland overall shape leaves it as Dull As Dirt On The Outside… What a shame.

  2. And from a distance no one will ever know you spent 20k more for your car than a simple A-4, VW its sister is getting bad at this also seeing every single car looks identical and no personality at all.
    Brand identity is cool and all but spreading blandness (vw) or 1 single design (audi) across the board is a gamble in my eyes. btw the A-6 is real hot but id prob have to buy the A-4 and save alot of dough and no on will ever know.

  3. Somehow….it sells.

    If you can sell something without really changing it, wouldn't you too? Not that I agree with this version of the A6 either.

    If you need an Audi sedan larger than the A4, but smaller than the A8…well step right up! Looks like the A6 is the perfect car for you!


    Can't say it's just the middle child that gets ignored these days at Audi…

  4. If you could get the fake wood from the 1980 Monte Carlo inside of a Chrysler 200c… this is what the whole thing would look like.

  5. no doubt a nice car, but really, really bland. i'm having a hard time telling the difference between the new audi's and new VW's – not good!

    this is why more premium buyers are considering other brands like infiniti, saab etc. they might not be fully on par with audi but they have better design personality and are increasing the competitiveness of their offerings.

  6. Overall body shape and tail are looking too much like VW! This looks really conservative next to the new 5 series and the new E class….c'mon Audi, you should have the edge on design.

  7. I prefer this to the 5 series. It just looks better. And by the way, AUDI has always been the car for those who have the money but do not want to be noticed. Except, may be, at the repair shop….

  8. Hey Burlapp, what happened to all those blurry exclusive spyshots you used to post of secret cars undergoing testing with zebra or cardboard camo?

    We need more of the old Burlapp back, posting more exclusive spyshots.

  9. Audi always has freakish looking designs…The good looks of their last gen A8 was a mistake. At least they are starting to have a decent interior design…And all the mainstream car mags said Audi has the best interiors…HaHa…A stupidity/rumor that will not die!

  10. audi – schmaudi, they are always the same, very bland. I just bought an M35x all new model, very hot and a blast to drive, I had audis before. The audis were decent but not great. my father in law has always bought nissan/infiniti, I will see.

  11. It's nice. But that's really not good enough. The rear looks like a Jetta, which is also nice. But a $50k executive car isn't a $15k economy car. The roofline looks like it's unchanged from 1999, and the headlamps are a gimmick that's wearing thin. They look aftermarket and incoherent with the conservative design of the rest of the car.

    The only car that I have seriously been considering to replace my S4 Cab is the S5 Cab. But then they went and forgot to include a 6-speed manual on the option list.

    Because BMWs, Mercedes and everything Japanese all look terrible right now, I'm going to just pocket $70k for now and wait for the next generation of Audis. Or maybe I'll go test a CTS-V and save a few bucks.

  12. Hmmm…

    So someone says they just bought "an M35x all new model".

    Well that's strange/impossible given that there Is No All New m35x Model.

    Note: The entry-level Infiniti M-series is the M37.

    Lie Much?

  13. "Well that's strange/impossible given that there Is No All New m35x Model."

    The anonymity of the web is scary. People can say anything.

  14. The A6 has always had a (slightly) unique greenhouse, meaning its d-pillar is always the slimmest of the Audi sedans.. but that isn't the most attractive look in these days of massive rear quarter blind spots (see KIA SPORTAGE, which was apparently designed by the same guy!).

  15. Well that's strange/impossible given that there Is No All New m35x Model.

    Note: The entry-level Infiniti M-series is the M37.

    Lie Much?

    Can you be incarcerated for typos? I think you're reading way too much into hitting the 5 instead of the 7. Get a grip!

  16. Ohhh Noooo, People can say anything they want! We really need to stop that! Cause little people can't handle it!

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