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Fiat has pretty big plans for Alfa Romeo in the US.
The all new Giulia sedan and wagon will be competing with models like the Audi A4, Acura TSX in the US.

This is still just an illustration, but it is easy to guess that an Italian designed mid sized sport sedan could easily look better than the competition.
Other plans include a 5 door version of the small Mito Hatchback, currently sold in Europe as a 3 door hatch.
And the new 5 door Giulietta is supposed to come over here in 2014.
That year, Alfa is planning to sell about 85 000 cars in the US.

We’ll see…

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  1. It's ALFA-Romeo, not Alpha.

    Isn't the Mito just a Giulietta with two doors?
    Or am I wrong about that.

    The Giulia, being the replacement for the 159,
    is bigger than the Giulietta and not merely
    a Giulia with a trunk, right?

    If they want 85,000 units, they are going to need
    a 5-series fighter (169?) and an SUV (à la Kamal, perhaps on the Grand Cherokee platform).

    and bring wagons too. Maybe Alfa can convince Americans that they can be beautiful.

  2. Cookie, you are wrong about the Mito. The Giulietta is larger than the Mito. The Giulietta would be like a Ford Focus and the Mito like a Fiesta.
    And yes, the Giulia is not supposed to be just a Giulietta with a trunk added, but a specifically-designed sedan, which I think will include a wagon version in its line-up too, since its predecessors also have.
    What I'm wondering is, are we ever going to see the 169 come to fruition? I know the 166 was a bit of a failure, and Alfa might be scared of this segment now, but with a car like this I think it just comes down to getting the styling right; the styling of the 166 was somewhat clumsy, but the preceding 164, designed by Pininfarina, was beautiful, and a success. Maybe they can pull it off again

  3. For some reason -this looks like what I think the 'new' Mazda 6 looks like w/ the kodo design theme…very nice!

  4. I really like the design, but the reliability hasn't been all that stellar with current Alfa Romeo's so i'm not sure I'd buy one.

  5. It's unfortunate that the Alpa grill is so damn ugly. Of course BMW's were ugly in the '60's. And Mercedes was pretty ugly up untill the latest round of re-designs (2004 in SUV's & 2010 in E-class; 2011 in C-class). Toyota & Honda have been stealing sales from the much better-looking cars from GM & Chrysler for years. So maby looks aren't improtant to enough of the buying public to make much of a difference. Obviously Lexus does O:K against the much-better-looking Cadillac models. Mabey the ugly Aplpa grill is "good enough". Like the Oddessy or Sierra or Camry.

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