New Opel Coupe coming up?

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This illustration looks like it could be based on the Insignia/Regal.

Opel will be getting a coupe version of the Astra soon. But this looks more formal and upscale.
And it could be another nice looking Buick…

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  1. I'm still mad at Buick for not offering all wheel drive on the Regal GS. A Regal coupe would be a great idea for Buick. The front of this is weird looking. I hope they change it to look a little cleaner and sportier looking. It kinda looks like something you'd see on the front of an suv or crossover or something.

  2. Whats new about this…It is the same old style with a tweaked front end. I do like it better than the freakish obnoxious goofball Buick look.

  3. Replace the LaCrosse with this…Get rid of that pathetic looking swoopsphere crap down the side of the current one.

  4. Very nice. I do think that Buick is going to have to up the ante with their powertrains. FWD and a 4cyl turbo is not good enough to be taken seriously by anyone. With a turbo six and AWD, they'll soar past Lexus and Infiniti and actually compete with Audi and BMW.

    Regardless, this design is very striking. Hope it's not just a pretty face.

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