New Toyota Etios

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The Etios is mainly for the Indian market.
The hatchback version will get a 1.2 Liter with 80hp, while the sedan gets a larger 1.5 Liter with 100hp.
Although these specs are pretty low for the US, they are in line with other cars in this class offered in India.

This is the “concept” Toyota showed at the New Delhi Motor show last January.
As you can see, it was just an early preview of the production car. Not really a concept.

The Elios will not be making the trip to the US, as far as we know…

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  1. I thought it was one of those Chinese rip-offs… definitely one of the ugliest toyotas ever spawned!!!

  2. Judging by the looks it must have been designed and engineered by Toyota's Chinese partner, or by elementary school children.

  3. Stop posting nonsense Mobis21. The next-gen Corolla will not look like this.

    Yes this looks bad to us, but have you people even SEEN the vehicles sold in India? This is a design masterpiece in comparison to most of the stuff they currently sell.

    The car is obviously styled *for* India. Or in other words, with no style. Toyota probably gave zero funding to styling on the project.

    The car is supposed to be as cheap as possible while still meeting Toyota quality and safety standards.

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