Nissan Micra/March Diesel coming up.

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The small Micra is supposed to be coming to the us soon.
But this new diesel version won’t be making it over here.

Too bad, kind of. I can only imagine the mileage this cute little car gets out of its 1.5 Diesel engine…

As a reminder, here is what the regular model looks like.
Not sure if we’ll get fancy options like navigation in the US or not. Although you can get GPS on even the Versa now…

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  1. Again with the March/micra coming to the US? I still haven't seen nissan give out this info anywhere. Though I did have someone just tell me they seen a micra on a trailer in the US. I'm thinking he mistook a fiat 500 for a micra though. Another affordable fuel efficient vehicle by nissan. I like it.

  2. Hyundai and Toyota called. Hyundai wants the front of their Accent back, Toyota want the ass of their Yaris back. They both asked what drugs you were taking to design such a skewiff looking car?

  3. "Anonymous said…

    i love nissan and they get better daily

    November 11, 2010 7:44 PM"


    You must have missed where they just recalled almost 700,000 Xterras and Frontiers.

    Great company.

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