Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet concept

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Not sure why they are calling this a concept since they’ve been talking about a production model for so long.
it doesn’t look as bad as it could have.

I still do not see why they picked the Murano for a convertible. And not the Altima coupe.
Or even Maxima…

They had to transform the SUV so much, it must have cost a fortune…

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  1. wow that's truely gorgeous. I thought it would look terrible, but I see a maserati-type convertible suv. I love it baby!

  2. Regardless of practicality, they did it because nobody else has (for likely obvious reasons).

    Someone has to be the first to do something original…

  3. Different for the sake of being different. If you must, doesn't it make more sense to do it to the X-Terra?

  4. Proof that Nissan has more money than sense.

    Altima convertible anyone? Give the POS Sebring a run for its money? Noooo, let's make a Murano convetible that will cost $30,000+ and sell in EXTREMELY limited volume, almost to the point where it doesn't justify the R&D.


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