Notes from the show: New Acura TSX grille

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They do listen.

The new grille is much more upscale looking, and less disturbing.
And it does fit the car much better now.
A great move.

I guess now they’ll spend the next 2 years changing grilles on other models…

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  1. Heck Vince, a naked Rosie Odonnell on the hood would be less disturbing that the current Acura grill.

  2. That new grille does look more upscale and luxurious. Most likely will be sold as an accessory and not standard.

  3. I don't quite see much difference but perhaps photo's don't do justice.

    I still wish they go back to a real 'grille' instead of a single piece of sheet metal.

  4. Only slight detail changes. The overall "beak" design is unchanged. It's sad to say the boring "smiling mouth" grille on the previous-gen TSX was better.

    And don't even get me started on the TL.

  5. A naked Rosie is just friggin wrong…Don't say that again. The thing even gets uglier when it talks…The Acura actually gets prettier when it talks.

  6. Design for Acura is an obvious weak spot. There are reasons why they are way behind Lexus and Infiniti. These are tragic looking vehicles. I've owned an Acura and this is NOT a consumer friendly company.

  7. Less disturbing– like a psychopath with 11 fingers is "less disturbing" than a psychopath with 13.

    I think Acura is stying to move in on the "weird/quirky" market that SAAB has moved away from. Good luck with that plan!

  8. Its like as if Rosie ODonnell got a facelift but still has that repulsive personality…No naked Rosie comment here though! Ewww, I threw up a little in my mouth when I wrote that.

  9. saw a different pic and thought(hoped) it was changed more…

    …whatever, AS A PUBLIC SERVICE, Acura really needs to offer the fools who bought the last Look a free 'upgrade' to the new one

    as a believer that their problem REALLY was that All their designers went Blind simultaneously…
    …sooooooooo glad they finally learned Braille!!!

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