Oprah gives away 275 2012 VW Beetles

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She couldn’t show the actual car, only display the silhouette and give out keys to audience members.

She also mentioned the car will be unveiled in May.
That’s a long time.

Engines for the US should be the usual 2.5 Liter with 170hp, both the 2.0 Turbo and TDI will be options for the US market.
Which is all good news.

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  1. How true. VW has to give cars away to achieve its 800,000 US sales goal.LOL!!
    Lokk what happened to Pontiac after Oprah gave them away. Stuuuuupid VW!!

  2. yeah – you're right – i mean – it's not like you actually see any new beetles on the road, right.

    i wish people wouold stop "hatin" for the sake of doing so,. if you're going to comment on a whether or not you like a car, that's fine, because that's your opinion.

    But – if you're going to comment on the success/sales of a car, please do us all a favor and get your facts straight.

    thank you

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