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The Subaru concept is a very nice car. But this video makes it look like it is the second coming. It is not…

It is a car Subaru should have in showrooms right now, minus the small obvious show car bits.
Let’s hope a production version is comes out soon. Very soon.

Right now the Impreza is not even in the radar of most people considering a compact car.
An rather ugly car with no marketing is always a tough sale.

Subaru should be the Japanese Citroen. Leave the boring stuff to Honda and Toyota. They should be special and progressive.
I’m afraid that a toned down production version of this concept coming out in over a year might not be enough…

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  1. I'm actually very excited to see what comes of this concept. That design is light years ahead of the current Impreza! The syling kinda reminds me of the Legacy.

  2. Let me guess, you probably think Hyundai is the second coming, didn't they rip Honda and Toyota off for years to get where they are

  3. funny, to me, this concept already looks pretty "toned down", get rid of the big wheel and it looks like something that should be on the road right now

  4. I got a 2010 Impreza Sport for the wife, she loves it.
    Me, I think is OK, the interior is crap, specially the radio, the worse ever of any car I owned. Even the Impreza STI($40K) comes with the same radio.
    Seats unconfortable, boring interior and ols engine technology.
    Can you immagine that I have to change the spark plugs every 30K miles?
    Boring old 4 speed tranny.

    My Scion XB is a lot more fun to drive and it came with a kick ass radio, nicer interior for $17K. I know there are two diff animals but I am just comparing how Subaru is old and boring. I agree, leave that to Honda and Toyo.
    Just my 2 cents here

  5. Here in Colorado, every other car is a Subaru. I had one once and it was a really good car, though I will agree that the current Impreza is rather underwhelming in appearance. I would certainly consider buying a sharp-looking coupe like that.

  6. The current Impreza has the styling of a chick car, and a cheap-looking interior, even in tarted-up WRX dress. The current model has been launched for the 2008 MY. If Subaru shows this almost-ready-for-production Concept now, it means that the production model could be available for the 2012 MY. Such a rapid replacement would prove that Subaru knows they have missed the boat with the current Impreza.

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