Toyota Prius Alpha

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Or whatever the official name will be.

First official picture of the all new “larger than Prius’ Toyota Hybrid.
More very soon.

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  1. Very nice
    Electric (electronic) brake…
    Look at the shifter how small it is, before you know it will be just couple buttons.
    To carry 7 people are we talking prius-hybrid or camry-hybrid?

  2. God I hate Toyota. Good thing that have that hybrid thing going for them. Cause that's not completely played-out or anything. Pfffft.

  3. Great. The Alpha. Owners of this will have reason to be even more irritating than the run-of-the-mill Prius owners. Now if Toyota can just keep their cars from careening out of control, that'll be awesome.

  4. I think it's a great idea, and an attractive dash.

    I do hope they'd put the IP in front of the driver; I can't get used to that center position.

    I agree with the previous commentator: with cars becoming so heavily computerized, tranny buttons start making sense.

    I do think it's wasted space to have a parking brake and shifter separating the front seats when you have an auto tranny car.

    Maybe I'm weird or retro or something, but I'd be interested in a front benchseat. An additional (emergency) seating position, and a handy place to change the baby when you've got car seats in the rear.

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