2011 Ford Territory

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The Territory is an Australian Ford model. Not sold in the US, so don’t get too exited.
The current model is based on the RWD Falcon platform, not the Explorer.
I am not sure if this is a revised version of the current one, or an all new model.

Maybe a new design on the same platform, or it could also be based on the new US Explorer.

Who knows…

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  1. This looks really amazing. My initial reaction is to whine about not getting this in the US. But the reality is that everything that Ford is launching in north america right now is very good. Until I see this actually produced, I'm not sure where it would slot-in in this market.

  2. I'd love to see this front end on a Ford in the states! This is one of those few times I actually like a lot of Chrome on a grill.

  3. Facelift of the current car originally released in 2004. Main changes are to the front end, but it will offer a diesel engine for the first time – a single-turbo 2.7L V6 as previously used in Land Rover family.

  4. Why does Ford build a different Explorer for Australia. Haven't they learned their lesson yet. Ford….World Car…Get It???

  5. It's hard to gauge the scale, but it looks like an Explorer with a revised front end. I like it better than the US version. Although it kinda looks like the new Kias with the pinched grill at the top.

  6. This looks really good. I like the Aston Martin front end, no wait it's Hyundaish like the new Civic sketch, no no,the Civic does not look like hyundai at all.

    No seriously, it looks great.

  7. @Anon 6:37

    The 3-bar Gillette razor grill was only ever a North America thing. Never featured on Fords for other markets.

  8. Anonymous Dec14,2010 6:37PM said…
    So much for the three-bar grill commitment. rollseyes

    sweet talker ^

    Vince said…
    don't get too exited.

    The current model is based on the RWD Falcon platform, not the Explorer.
    …I am not sure if this is a revised version of the current one, or an all new model…
    …Who knows…

    OK, I didn't exited(sic)
    exCited is another story! 😀
    everybody knows, Vince.
    It's a heavy MCE of the current one = a full step closer to the Global RWD Platform.
    That's what it is 🙂

  9. This is not all new, it's actually just a relatively minor facelift for the existing Territory that's been out since 2004.

    It's based on the Ford Falcon platform and comes in RWD, AWD options, inline-six, turbo-six and a turbo-diesel with this update.

  10. Mulally is committed to the "One Ford" strategy so it is only a matter of time before this ends up here.

  11. Wow. Some loser had to come out with the prison colony comment. America was a colony too you twat. Not only that, what the hell does being an ex-colony have to do with car design? Maybe someone could enlighten me on how the two are linked?

  12. Looks like a roided Rover. First the tech and now the design. Everyone has terrain response controls. Give Rover credit. They only innovate every 60 years.

  13. Stupid stylised artists impression.

    Someone who has seen it (pre-release at the ford factory) told me the front is a bit like this, though the large lower air inlet is nowhere near as pronounced. Neither are the headlights as narrow. Overall proportions, and side on and rear views the same as current.

    I still like them, I drive a 2006 model with AWD, 6 speed auto and turbocharged 4.0L inline 6
    (480NM at 2000rpm)and it steers round corners better than many cars.

  14. It doesn't look like that.
    It's only a sketch.

    The real car looks just like the old one but with a grill and headlights a little bit like the sketch.

  15. Well, the new Superduty has a 2-bar grill, but originally evolved from H-bar grill seen on the 11th generation F150 FX4's (MY2004-2008), where the bars were "implied", being the spacing between actual plastic that ran from one side of the grill to the other. Those two plastic bars evolved into the 2-bar grill now seen on the superduty.

    I hate the new Super duty, but the point is that the evolution of the 3-bar is part of the evolution of Ford's Design DNA, and is evident in the new Territory. Imagine if they gave the Fiesta, Focus, or Mondeo's lower grill with 3-bars, and then fill in the spacing of the upper grill with a bar as well… that is what we have here with the new territory

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