2012 Alfa Romeo Giulia

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Even thought this is still just a computer illustration, it does look really good.
Alfa’s new sedan is supposed to come out next year and do battle with the Audi A4 and other premium Euro sedans.
It is supposed to be coming over here as well.

And the same platform could be used for the 2013 Chrysler 200.

We’ll see….

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  1. Other than the rear door handle (which will likely be relocated into the black triangle in the rear door window), I think this is a pretty accurate rendering. Not quite as exciting as I hoped it would be, but definitely an improvement over anything currently badged "Chrysler".

  2. Ok seriously….if they build this, sell it in the United States (preferably with a wonderful Alfa DOHC V6…would a small displacement V8 really kill everyone! Jeez!!) keep it Italian looking inside, and keep it under $35k, I for one will buy one!!!!

    Here's your chance FIAT!!! Don't screw this up!

  3. Alfa should just do what Audi does and add some Italian style and some HP like a ^/^ 6 cyl turbo like the 3 series and sell for a bit less. Competition is tough so go for it Fiat.

  4. Yes, the 2013 200c will be built on an Alfa platform (probably this one). Yes it will handle like an Alfa (in Dodge Aventurer Clothes) and more like a MB C-Series (in 200c clothes). It will have a Pentastar V6 (re-tuned,refined, & a bit more expensive than the version in the JGC). It will be a twin-turbo with multi-air and and no shortage of impressive surprizes. It will be the second mid-size from a US Company to genuinely compete with 330i M on performance. (Cad's little CTS was the first). Their is a posibility of a 200c version to compete with America's most fuel-efficent/environmentally friendly luxury car (the 40++ MPG Lincoln MKZ). But it's still almost 2 years away yet.

  5. Actually, this car looks really good…but…it looks like a normal car with Alfa front end. A 2001 Alfa 147 or 1998 156 or the late Brera and Spider looked like nothing else, no other car came close to the beauty of their design. But this meant also not much room inside etc. The new Alfas can win comparisons but they are not as special anymore sadly. But this seems to be the price for success and sales in America.

  6. Need to get rid of that grill. Mabey a big square with a Dodge double stripe and an Apfa shield hanging on it. But to use that shape as the whole grill makes it virually impossible to come up with an attractive front end.

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