2012 Audi A3

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just an illustration, but it does look pretty nice.

Lately, Audi seems to be designing better looking hatchbacks than sedans. Like the A7 and A5 Hatch.
So the A3 should turn out really nice.
And their interiors have gone from boring to really interesting lately.

I can’t wait to see the real thing…

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  1. "Lately, Audi seems to be designing better looking hatchbacks than sedans." what are you talking about? The new a8 and a6 are beautiful. Equally as a5 hatch and a7

  2. Hope the real thing comes close to looking like this image. It's absolutely great and a big upgrade from the current model!!

  3. Only if they can thing improve the quality/reliability of the electronics and mechanical parts!

    A friend of mine is so lucky of having leased a 2008 A6. By the second year it has been towed from his house I believe two or three times to the dealer and he had to take it himself several times for different repairs. The last repair, still under warranty (don't remember the details) was quoted at over 12,000 dollars!'

    He considers himself so lucky, as it was only a lease and a good way to learn about Audi

  4. Nice car and drive well too. It is way overpriced like most Audi's
    A $23k VW with some makeup and suspension refinements for $35k

  5. I agree since the new A6 and A8 look too similar to previous gen. Remember those will have to do another 5-7 years until next redesign. So I agree the sportbacks look more interesting. I wish though they'd also make the front more aggressive/different.

  6. I love my Audi. It's my second one. Not only has it had no problems, but I'm always finding new reasons to be delighted with it. This illustration looks really good too.

    The one thing that I might recommend for Audi is a vehicle somewhere in between the Q7 and the Q5. The Q7 feels considerably larger than the BMW X5, but the Q5 is the size of a Hyundai or an Equinox. If the next Q7 is going to be based on the smaller platform Toureg and Cayenne, will the Audi be a little smaller? Hopefully soon.

  7. For those that insist they have owned AUDIS and have not had any reliability problems should check their heads. The recipe is simple; lease them and give the keys back after 3 years. And if you do not believe me, go to the NHTSA site and check out the list of defects, recalls, and technical service bulletins. Warning: the list is long.

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