2012 Audi A6 Avant

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This is just an illustration, yet I am pretty sure the real thing will end up like this.

There is really no reason to expect something original looking from Audi at this point.
Especially a wagon version of the new super boring A6….

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  1. I'm usually not a fan of wagons as I think they are usually on the homely side but this one is pretty decent (for a wagon). It looks contemporary due to the cool LED style front lights. However, I do prefer the regular A6.

  2. I dont think the new A6 looks boring. Like the A8, it's all in the details and in person, it should look a lot better…. at least in places other than LA where most people drive normal cars

  3. Wow Vince. What a $hitty attitude. You swoon over all the crappy Hyundais and Kias, but say this is boring? You need to get your eyes checked.

  4. Audi designs are aweful and have been for 10 years…The front end is obnoxious but the interior style is only just starting to look like a human might like it. Only the A4 is stylish and it is the only Audi that sells in the US.

  5. "Only the A4 is stylish and it is the only Audi that sells in the US"

    You have no idea what you're talking about. Since the mid 90s, every Audi model (TT excluded) has been a huge success in the US and worldwide. And unlike other luxury brands, they've been able to do it without deep discounting and incentives.

  6. Original looking? Interesting Vince, because I think it's the rest of the industry copying the LED look that Audi pioneered. I don't know what the hell you looking at!

    Poor VW reliability is the only thing that concerns me about these cars.

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