2012 BMW 3 series?

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Let’s just hope this is another lame illustration of the next 3 series.
That BMW will not get that lazy for their next model.

The 5 series is a great looking car in person, but the new 3 should be more than a shrunk 5. At least a little more.

We’ll get to see the real thing pretty soon .

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  1. I'm leasing an '08 335i sedan that needs to be returned in a couple months. I'm sick about it…I've never owned a car that I love so much. Not sure what to do until the new model comes out. Hoping it will be even better!!

  2. Actually it should be a little LESS than a 5 (Since it's technically less car and has a lesser price).

  3. It can be LESS than a 5, but I insist it should be bigger than a Civic. Also, the current model, with the base wheels, looks so econo box like…

  4. anyone know when the unveiling is? of course, with 6 months of fender teases and quarter panels revealed

  5. TG they revised the rear lights. It always reminded me of a swollen fat boy with swollen cheeks and partially closed eyes due to overfed.

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