2012 Chevrolet Colorado

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An all new Colorado/S10 is coming out an about a year from now as a 2012 model.
But, just like the new Ford Ranger, we won’t be getting it.

It will be mostly for the south American market, where it will compete, among others, against the VW Amarok.

I just wonder if “compact” trucks will eventually make a comeback in the US.
Maybe when gas hits $4 a gallon, or more,

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  1. Looks like that Mazda pickup you posted earlier with Japanese style headlamps. When someone told GM you don't need trucks anymore, maybe they should have said "you don't need excessively large trucks anymore" Small trucks still are useful for work purposes and will continue to sell.

  2. This looks WAAAAAAYYY better than our current small pickup. The current Colorado pickup is THE UGLIEST pickup truck I HAVE EVER SEEN! I'd even say the ugliest vehicle period. It's a shame that small pickups dont do better here in the USA. I could definetly see a DI 4 cyl turbo with a 6 speed and all wheel drive myself. But, if their marketing experts say it won't work here then, well….. what do I know.

  3. Compact trucks do not get any better gas mileage than full size trucks. That is why no one is buying them. If they had more fuel efficient engines maybe people would buy them over full size trucks.

  4. I really love the side profile.

    I hate the grill and headlamps… that 2piece grill would look good if it wasn't angled/slanted, but I would be okay with it if they are for improved aerodynamics.

    The headlamps could work on a small CUV, but the way they are swept back to the side is too feminine.

    Fix those two things and we'll have a very sexy small truck that I'd love to see here in the states.

  5. Prediction, small pick up will come back in fashion, asian makers will lead the way. Ford/GM will rush to bring one back to the US a couple years later.

  6. These are pickup cars — NOT trucks. The are a retail replacement for a sports car (not for a truck). I've owned small Chevy's, Rangers, Tacomas & a Ridgeline and believe me — they're all cheap crap. Treat any of them like you would an F150 or RAM and you're likely to get stranded.

    A word to the wise.

  7. I actually think it looks good! I would buy this if it got reasonable mileage, had a GPS navigation system along with a decent stereo and Bluetooth phone and stream audio…

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