2012 Fiat 500 5 door

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Fiat did mention that a 5 door version of the small 500 was in the works.
It would most certainly become the most popular 500 in the US.

This illustration looks pretty realistic, showing us what 2 more doors would look like.
It still looks nice and cute.

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  1. You wouldn't cath me sitting in that back seat! Sure hope those 5 mph bumpers do well then that 5000 lbs suv runs into the rear of it and your head becomes the new hood ornament!

  2. I agree with Education Project. I have to give credit to Volkswagen for not bastardizing the Beetle by making it a 4 door or an SUV or any of the other configurations that Mini is coming out with. All of the mutations diminsh the original.

  3. Wow so now u can open some rear doors, but the real question is can a human male sit back there now that they have access ?

  4. Vince, I just don't know what kind of market there is for these Fiats. I heard the Fiesta is selling slower than hoped.

    They may be cute but who is going to buy them?

  5. I don't think that looks bad at all! btw, VW tried to market a 4dr Beetle. It was called the Thing.

  6. It definitely looks very "European", and like nothing else sold in the US.

    It doesn't seem at all practical to me; the backseat looks tiny and the cargo space behind the back seat looks almost nonexistent – I wouldn't want to try to put a baby stroller or a couple of suitcases behind the rear seat.

  7. Fiat really should avoid the urge. This would basically do in what the car should want to achieve the way that 4-door Mustang would have.

  8. "Um…the Beetle has been Golf based for years now, so it has had a 4 door. It's called a Jetta."

    Or a 4-door Golf. But neither of these are actually a Beetle. So, no, the New Beetle has never been offered as a four door.

    I really don't know what to think about the 500. Except for a some nostalgic Italianness, it just looks like a cheap economy car. If it had a Chevy Aveo badge, it wouldn't be good enough. So I'm not sure that it works as Fiat's re-entry in the US market.

  9. It's Italian Heritage carries a lot of cache; just like Ferrari or Masarati. The same that makes a Mercedes or BMW better than anything Detroit (even when it's not). And the same that makes a blurry "Picasso" worth more than a clear, accurate "Kodak" picture.

    This car as a LOT of Italian cache–and that's a tough act to compete against!

  10. "This car as a LOT of Italian cache–and that's a tough act to compete against!"

    Agreed. But I don't think that this car is as substantial or as visually interesting as the Mini or the new Fiesta. This pic is particularly vanilla. If it didn't have a Fiat badge, it could just as well be a cheap Korean import. I'd much rather see an Alfa Brera or Giulietta in the States than this Fiat.

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