2012 Ford B-Max?

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Apparently, Ford will show the all new Fiesta based B-max at the upcoming Geneva show in a few months.
It would replace the Ford Fusion (a small crossover not related to the US sedan of the same name) in Europe.

And it could come to the US, why not?

But I doubt it. Ford won’t even send us the good looking C-Max, instead we are getting the larger and weirder looking Grand

So this cute and tiny thing might not make it over here…

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  1. I'm still hopeful Ford will bow to aesthetics and offer the 5-passenger C-Max in the US as well.. and this is even better looking than both C-Maxes! Ford is truly on a roll.

  2. Raise the ride height 5 inches more, add a 1.6 liter gdi vtec dohc 4 cyl 16v turbo 35/40 cty/hwy, steering paddle shifter cvt, magic seats, and if priced around 15k. It will "Fit" great in my garage.

  3. It looks like a great alternative to a mini van and yes, it does actually look "cute" when compared with the traditional much bulkier and heavier-looking soccer mom vans.

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