2012 Honda Civic Concept

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Yeah right…

From what we’ve all seen before (actual spy pics), this overly optimistic illustration looks a million times better than the real 2012 Civic coupe.
The usual.

The “concept” will be shown in a few weeks at the Detroit Auto Show.
With a production model being introduced a short time later.
They did the same thing with the current generation Civic a few years a go.
That concept turned out to be almost exactly the same as the production Coupe.

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  1. Three Words… Not Even Close!

    The next Civic will lose almost all the the visual appeal of the current one, as all of the test mule photos have shown.

  2. Well, that's a nice artists rendering. But we've all been down this road before with Honda where the drawings look great but the final product looks, uh…. well…. not so great.

  3. The black Si coupe snapped by Priddy and Company looks more like a Saturn Ion coupe…totally lame and I'm a Honda guy..now if Toyota would bring out their new rwd sports car…

  4. Yeah, very optimistic rendering. To me, even in this "rendering" the front looks like a CRZ, not a good thing! What happened to Honda?

  5. Something's been bugging me about this rendering, and I finally figured it out. The left headlight is bulging out in front of the hood, while the right one is recessed behind the hood. WTF?

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