2012 Honda Civic Illustrations

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let’s just hope the real thing looks better.

This looks like a weird version of the current car. Like something is wrong.

But from the spy shots I have seen of the car, I do not expect much…

I think the current model still looks very nice.

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  1. That's close to the real 2012 Civic. You can Google "2012 Civic" to see photos of the actual car.
    Rear end looks too much like a Saturn ION which isn't horrible, but not so good, either.

    Civic specs better be exciting because the new Hyundai Elantra will be a very tough competitor.

  2. I've seen these testing in the Nevada/California boarder area, and this looks pretty much spot on, which is to say… Not nearly has handsome/cohesive a design as the current iteration, and certainly no aesthetic match for Hyundai's new Elantra or Ford's new Focus.

  3. yeah, probably just a sub-parr chop
    considering HondAcura's recent track record…

    we should HOPE it's no WORSE than that

  4. this is pretty much how the real car looks like, actually a bit better than the real car because this illustration has bigger/better looking wheels

  5. I think that illustration is spot on. It is a near perfect fit for the spy photos we've been seeing.

    That is bad news for Honda. As iQuack stated, the new Elantra is going to be tough competition. Add to that the Ford Focus and posibly the Chevy Cruze and Honda will have a tough time with this car.

    Eventually all those very loyal Honda customers are going to get tired of these boring cars and give the competition a chance.

  6. Big mistake. The current one looks MUCH MUCH better. All it really needs is some "fine-tuning" to be more reliable and also not go thru tires so fast.

  7. That is one ugly CIVIC !!!

    I currently drive a 10 year old Civic coupe and was hoping the next generation Civic would be a hatchback. I guess not. Sorry Honda, you lose !

    I guess I will have to wait for the upcoming Ford Kuga/Escape in 2 years !!! Go FORD !

  8. Not very good. It looks like anyone who wants style in this segment will be buying a Focus (next year's) or an Elantra. This actually makes the new Jetta look stylish.

  9. It still looks better than the current Accord. All it needs to do is exceed current EPA and this car will sell like crazy.

  10. I'm curious about the engine/tranny and the instrument panel. Any changes there?

    This car will succeed in spite of this design, IF they offer some meaningful improvements from the prior generation. For example, a smooth-shifting 6-speed auto tranny.

    I'm disappointed there's no station wagon version, for people who want some more utility but don't need 4 wheel drive or the high clearance of the CRV.

  11. When they decide to bring out a crap nasty design like this i only hope one thing, that people run away from it and all the sheep dont buy it cause its UGLY ! I really dont care for the new elantra , its got some odd quirky lines on it, but would buy the hyundai way before id buy this crappy looking 1992 design….

  12. If this is anything close to reality, Honda is going to have a real problem. Hondas have always been the stylish alternative to a whitebread Corolla. But with the Focus, Fiesta and the Cruze, there is some real competition now. Not to mention whatever crappy small car Hyundai has planned.

  13. Seriously….I had to leave the site and come back….I just can't believe that this piece of belched up vanila pudding from the stomach of a dead skunk is our new Honda Civic.

  14. Honda delayed this in order to better compete with the likes of Cruise / Focus / et el….

    WTF did they do with the time????

  15. Man, where did Honda go so wrong. The make a good quality product at a decent price, but there exterior design are just awful. Never thought I see the day were they would be getting embarrassed by Hyundai/Kia.

  16. Speedoswimmer said…
    …I guess I will have to wait for the upcoming Ford Kuga/Escape in 2 years !!! Go FORD !

    Good News, Speedo
    the nextgen Ford Escape will be here in about 13-14 months

    did the title of this posting change?
    thought it was called an Accord at first

  17. Has Honda seen the new Focus? They needed to step up their game 100 times to compete with the new focus. Not just make an Insight sedan.

  18. Unfortunatley no matter what we say and what the media says this car will sell. They honestly could stick a honda badge on a Eastern European Trabant and it would sell.

  19. What a dull-witted twit that designer must be…His wife must be a real dullard as well…His boring and lifeless little kids must be obedient and on Honor Role.

  20. Honda is known for evolutionary designs. The styling is definately conservative, and will most likely age better than the new Elantra. However, style is and always will be subjective. I'll take tasteful restraint anyday over excessive overought design, as long as it is not overtly boring. Perhaps if they chose to illustrate the car in another color besides boring silver gray, that would changes its perception. If they update the powertrain to improve mpg, horsepower, and torque while increasing feature content at a reasonable price, then they'll have a winner. People buy these cars primarily because they practically last forever when properly maintained. I do not see as many old Elantras on the road as I do Civics.

  21. Very SAD Civic was always the model competitor was copying but now the civic look like the elantra fe years ago. Honda please fire your designer it's so beige flat boring design. I was a civic fan for naby years and now i will try the competition.

  22. "I do not see as many old Elantras on the road as I do Civics."

    Maybe because they sold a lot more Civic's than Elantra's years ago.

    The specs better be comparable to other's coming out because this already looks; well…..old. Even with it's angular style it looks kinda bloated too. How can that happen? It's not sporty sleak or conservatively understated; it's just there. It will still sell but I don't think in the numbers it usually gets.
    Honda seems lost.

  23. The stylish and very well equipped Elantra is going to eat this POS for lunch. Honda has been on a downward spiral for at least the past decade

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