2012 Honda Civic Video

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This isn’t new.
But it is the best look yet at the all new Civic. (The previous post being just an illustration).

And it does look like it will be a tough battle for Honda against all the new competition from almost everyone out there.

It just looks like a lamer version of the current car.

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  1. Why does the Civic get uglier and uglier we have a 2005 Civic, and I think that was the last styling we like. Looking at this car they are even falling behind even Kia. Honda can't continue to live off of the "reliable car company".

  2. Like trying to squeeze the current Civic coupe (very nice car) into the sedan and destroying the looks of both cars in the process. I hope the new Civic coupe will look better.

  3. It's a shame that Honda did'nt do more to spiff it up a bit more. It still is a modern looking car but it does'nt appeal to me at all. It'll sell well I'm sure….to people who have always bought Hondas. Kinda like the next Corolla coming out. I believe the Elantra will be the better car to both of those but the Honda and Toyota MAY have more refinement. I don't know, we'll see. So far I like the Elantra beter.

  4. I'm bored already. What a disappointment, especially since the current car was so different when it came out.

  5. The current civic is such a great looking car, especially the sedan. I applaud Honda for making the next gen an evolution and not a totally new looking car. But…the new rear end, looks saggy and like an old previous gen camry-like. But knowing Honda, and their civic line, this will more than likely be a better car yet. Bring on the Si Sedan please (I have an 07 Si sedan with Nav and look forward to this next generation)!

  6. I hope it's better looking in person because it has some stiff AMERICAN competition(I can't believe i just said that without any sarcasm). In the last auto show, the best looking small cars were from Ford, Chevy and Hyundai of all people. What kind of weird Twilight Zone dimension are we living in!!!

  7. I actually think the second car in the video with the bigger rims doesn't look too bad… the one in the still is clearly a lower end trim level with small wheels. Does anyone think that the current Civic DX or DX-G looks good with IT'S tiny rims?

    This will be exactly what current civic owners will want. Something familiar and yet, just fresh enough.

    And I can't believe that anyone is trying to claim that the Kia Forte looks better when the Forte is a blatant copy of the current Civic!

  8. I can understand doing heavily revised fascias when you want to convey all-new styling without changing the hard points of the existing vehicle.. but I can't understand what Honda did, which was making significant changes to the doors, greenhouse and rear end but styling it to look just like the current car!

  9. Next Sentra? The Sentra hasn't been relevent in this market for years now. I don't even think most people know it still exists.

  10. The reason it looks like a Saturn is no mere coincidence. Honda poached Saturn's lead designer a few years ago.

  11. It'll be a good car as the Civic has been for decades. Doesn't look any better than the current car even though it's completely changed.

    Everything depends on the specs compared with competitors.

    The Hyundai Elantra will probably be the star among compact sedans in 2011.

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