2012 Hyundai Azera

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Here is the first official picture of the interior.

Not sure what to think yet, but I think it might turn out to be quite impressive in person.
Maybe a little busy looking, at least on this picture.

We’ll see more very soon.

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  1. It is looking really, REALLY good.

    I especially like the waterfall lighting on the dash and doors, that is a classy touch.

  2. WOW! That looks GREAT! I like how they did the ambience lighting. This is a very nicely styled car inside and out.

  3. All Hyundai interiors look the same. Aside from the cheap plastic silver painted steering wheel, I don't love it or hate the design of their interiors. But it's clear that Hyundai is a one trick pony with their styling.

  4. hyundai, once again , is talking Genesis luxury line to compete with Infiniti and Mercedes. This is great, they are losing focus on what really matters and that is main stream product. It costs billions before you see a profit with a luxury line, if you ever do. They are losing focus and let's face it, do you want an expensive Hyundai???? I don't!!!!!!

  5. this is the car of the poor. Unsuccessful people drive hyundais. You are doing ok, but not great, that's what driving Korean means. Do you really put good money into a Hyundai or Kia….I think not!

  6. I'm sure as hell not putting MY good money into Audi, Mercedes, BMW….they are the CamCords (A4, 3, 5, C, and E) of the rich. Hyundai and Kia stand out in a completely different (and GOOD) way. Those brands would also never dare to compete with the same warranty either, they die off so quickly!

    I'm also not surprised by the Genesis sub-brand. It'll be like Scion, selling in the Hyundai dealerships, but in the opposite price direction.

  7. "I'm sure as hell not putting MY good money into Audi, Mercedes, BMW….they are the CamCords (A4, 3, 5, C, and E) of the rich. "

    What does that even mean? It's the "of the rich" part of the statement that's the reason that people buy the german cars you listed. And all of them are better than Kia or Hyundai by a pretty wide margin. So I guess that, by your logic, Hyundais are the Camcords of the poor. I have nothing against Hyundai. But even though they are a 100x better than they were three years ago, that's not saying much.

  8. this is the car of the poor.

    Dream on. The President of our company drives a Hyundai. The Company is #2 world wide in it's industry with facilities in MOST of the 50 states.

    I personally think Hyundai's "waterfall dash" looks like crap compared to Chevy's Malibu. But I must admit, a lot of sucessful people think it looks just fine. (Our boss traded a Lexus to get his Hyundai!)

    That's the REALITY!

  9. It does look kinda busy with E class influence..I prefer the proportions of the Sonata much more. If the new Sonata came out when I was looking for a car, I may had sprung for one instead of my CPO TSX.

  10. Hyundai isn't #2 in the world. What are you talking about? And the last time I checked, they don't have plants in "MOST" of the 50 states.

    Your incorrect understanding of Hyundai makes your post irrelevant.

    As for your boss, he/she couldn't afford the Lexus. That's why it was traded in for a Hyundai. Sorry, but a Lexus is a superior car and you don't give it up for a Hyundai if you have the cash. That's REALITY.

  11. "…The President of our company drives a Hyundai."

    So what? People at all levels have bad taste. Plus, if the president of a paperclip company has three kids in college, two ex wives, and a junky Hyundai, then he's poor too.

  12. Hyundai is for the poor? So if I buy a Hyundai Equus for $60,000 I'm still "poor"; but if I buy a $15,000 Honda Fit….I have money?
    The argument is ridiculous.
    Your saying the gap between poor and well off comes down to a couple of thousands of dollars. It's that exacting? What's the percentage of people who buy expensive cars they really can't afford? How could a truly poor person afford a new car to begin with? This poor/rich logic is extremely flawed. Hyundai has become so good that the detractors can't point to the cars themselves any longer. It has come full circle; point to the people who buy them. A 20 year old talking point that has no real place in today's market. As if somewhere within the price gap of $2000 is the indicator of a "poor" person. Carl Rove would be proud. A person who truly follows the car industry would applaud the efforts by Hyundai because they have added something to the industry that has been lacking; a drive to become better.

  13. "So if I buy a Hyundai Equus for $60,000 I'm still "poor""

    If you spend $60k on a hyundai, you're not poor. But you're not too bright. So when you're driving your fake Mercedes, make sure that you're wearing your Fauxlex and your wife is wearing her zirconia ring. You might as well complete the image.

  14. I recently bought a Hyundai Genesis over a Lexus ES350 because the Genesis was simply better the Lexus. BTW, the two cars were in the same price range.

  15. Interestingly, I recentley bought a Sonata over the Rolls-Royce because the Sonata was clearly simply interesting. I love interesting cars because they are clearly awesome.

  16. Clearly interesting that someone would want any car over this interesting one. The shift knob is clearly interesting.

  17. "If you spend $60k on a hyundai, you're not poor. But you're not too bright."

    Again, can't really attack the car so attack the person who like's it. Anything of substance about the car itself?
    That's funny. How do you make a point, by proving my point?
    I think it's clear that some people see Hyundai as a threat. It's a shame that some people can't embrace change.

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