2012 Mazda MX-5/Miata illustration

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This is the 1st illustration of the next Miata I see using the design language from the new Shinari concept.
So it might be closer to the real thing than we think.
Mazda has said the Shinari will be their new design language from now on.

I saw the Shinari concept in person and it does look great. As a next Mazda6.
Not sure the big mouth looks as good on a small 2 seater sports car though…

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  1. As the current owner of 2 NA (one turbo and one supercharged) and 1 NC (supercharged) Miatas, all I can say is… Looks Like I'll Be Adding To My Miata Collection Very Soon!

  2. This does look good !

    I am an owner of a 2007 MX-5 removable hard top and love it to this day. It is by all means NO Porsche, but nor it is intended to be… It is purely a fun roadster that is meant to be blast to drive during the warm days of Summer…

    My only hope is that Mazda enhance t he interior to make it sportier and perhaps make the dashboard and gauges more retro of that of the old Bristish roadsters…

    Keep up the good work Mazda.

  3. If Mazda were to cram the MS3's 263HP engine into this MX-5 I would consider replacing my S2000. Maybe.

  4. Yeah, this looks fantastic.

    Vince, I still own a 1990 Miata that has been my favorite vehicle I've ever owned. Its been garaged since day one.

    I'll definitely buy one of these.

  5. I see Maserati influence in the design of the nose…. beautiful! Although I like the new MB-SLK, I like this better.

  6. I loved every Mazda MX-5, and especially the recent version. And I was shocked to see it goes modern with the next model…but they have to go on and this illustration looks gorgeous! Most beautiful roadster on the streets…

  7. Looks really good. I had a Miata for a daily driver and didn't understand what people, especially women, who usually buy them liked so much about them. Mine was very noisy, and not fun. Would've hated to have a wreck in it! This does look ten times better than any of it's previous models if this is in any way accurate of what the next one will look like!

  8. Best looking Miata to date.

    And way better looking than ANYTHING in "Smile'n Chin Mazda's" smiley portfolio.

  9. I especially enjoy the "new" Mazda Shinari grille, 5 points with a chrome bar across the top.. pretty much the same one found on the '95 Millenia, and my own '99 Protege! The recent smiley grilles may not be too handsome, but at least you can tell they were built this decade!

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