2012 Roewe 750

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The Roewe 750 and its cousin the MG5 will be redesigned for the next year.
This seems to be yet another good looking design from the Chinese brand.

This is the current version of the Roewe 750., which came out in 2006.
It is basically a Chinese made version of the old Rover 75.

And this is the original Rover 75 version.
Which was produced in England from 1999 to 2005.
Then bankruptcy.. Then Chinese ownership, and new Roewe name…

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  1. Wow, this car is actually beautiful, and it isn't a copy of something else. The grille is a little anonymous looking, but everything else looks great.

  2. This computer rendering of the 2012 Roewe 750 looks like its based on the current Buick LaCrosse.

    You can tell by the front fenders, exterior mirrors, and overall stance and proportions. Heck, even the wheels look exactly the same.

    Is this a Chinese rip-off of Buick?

  3. The cousin of the Roewe 750 is the MG7 I think, not the MG5…I like the classic design of the old version, but probably it's time for it to go…

  4. Front end screams Kia Cadenza….and it isn't even out yet! Side profile and rear are stunning however.

  5. At first glance, I was going to comment on how crude and copycat it looks. But then I saw the older ones, and I realized that this is a pretty substantial improvement. Still, not good.

  6. Not bad looking kind of reminds me of the new Kia Optima but I will never buy an automobile for a Chinese manufacture & yeah that includes VOLVO. My Hondas may be boring but after owning 17 of them out a single problem I will continue to buy them. Next up for me is 2012 Honda Civic EX-L sedan.

  7. My Hondas may be boring but after owning 17 of them…

    If you're 52 then you bought a new Honda every 2 years. And you're not rich because you're buying Civics, Not Acuras. (So you really can't afford to be changing cars so often) Our Company puts 300k – 500k on Dodge's. And that's pretty hard to do in just 2 years. So here's my question:

    1) Why trade so often if the Hondas are so dependable and long lasting? That's a big waste of money (which you don't have–you're not buying Acura's). Even every 4 yrs is way too often for a "reliable & long-lasting" car.

    So 1 of 3 things must be true:
    – You're really dumb when it comes to handling money;
    – Your Hondas aren't nearly as reliable & long-lasting as you say;
    – You made up the whole story because you are a Honda Fanboy.

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're smart (except when it comes to cars) and are a Honda fanboy who chooses to ignore his Honda's shortcomings and exaggerate the reliability & longevity of Hondas in general.

    Hopefully this response will placate the guy who claims this site trashes Toyota's too much and over-glorifies other brands (Like Honda, Hyundai, & Buick).

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