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Still just another illustration. But VW has announced a while ago there will be a convertible version of the current Golf coming soon.
Not sure if it will be much cheaper than the 2012 Beetle Convertible (It should be, otherwise, what’s the point)

And not even sure if it’s coming to the US or not.

It seems that in its attempt to take over the world, VW is trying to fill every single market possible.

Except, we still won’t get the Scirocco….

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  1. Not getting the point of this. Why wouldn't you just get a Beetle since it is much more appealing to the customer who would buy this. This probably wouldn't be substantially cheaper anyway, and the design is about as boring as anything else VW has come out with lately. I actually own a '95 Cabrio, and I definitely wouldn't feel the need to buy another one. Not that it's a bad car, but the newer Passat that I owned has soured me on Volkswagens permanently.

  2. I like this. It's not my cup of tea, but it's certainly appropriate for the demographic profile. I had a mid 90s GTI that I absolutely loved, and always wondered what it would be like as a convertible.

  3. Why?

    This is just another nondescript, anonymous vehicular appliance from the VW Group, who are quickly becoming the kings of Blah!

  4. Also not getting the point of this. Why not just get an EOS. Or offer a cheaper EOS with a soft top–which is really what this is with slightly different sheet metal. Mabey they're just trying to see how many different ways they can make the beetle/golf/jetta/A4 platform into a convertable–just for the heck of it.

  5. I like this a LOT!!
    & am amazed that a German car can avoid being over stylized & weird!

    of course this is only a illustration –
    was it even done by a VW artist?
    If Not they need to hire this guy to set them right!

    Imho VW didn't reach their high point (a long time ago) by pursuing outrageous 'fashion' – actually none of the Germans made their names by doing that.

  6. Why in the world would they have 3 versions of the same exact convertible with slightly different sheet metal in their lineup when they have yet to actually release the Jetta Coupe?

  7. It will be cheaper than the Beetle Convertible and the Eos. It will be there entry-level convertible. You always have to keep in mind that it is mainly for the European market and VW has lost share in the convertible market, where the Golf Convertible always dominated. Europeans including Germans don't like and don't buy the Beetle, it was always a very slow seller here and the Eos is much more expensive, so this Golf will again be the best seller. I for myself think it is boring, but better as a Beetle…I'd still take something different though.

  8. Even though I could care less about it, this is another case of the "stupid American" passing judgment on something they know nothing about. Where do these idiots come from?

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