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The “smaller-than-Cayenne” Porsche SUV was approved by the company.
So we will see it for 2014.

I guess it will be another hit for the brand.
First the Cayenne, hated by the purist, became a best seller.

Then the Panamera, again, hated by the faithful, is now the best selling Porsche.

There is no reason to stop the madness I guess. Why not a full size pick up truck next…

But in all fairness, I was really impressed by the Panamera when I sat in a couple of them last year.
And I think the new Cayenne looks really nice.

But… I am no Porsche purist….

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  1. People are nuts. Porsche has a certain way of doing and building cars. The 911 will always be the typical Porsche. Light small and nimble. A smaller suv is what Porsche should have had and as you could tell it's probably not going to be cheaper just more to it's routes

  2. But notice how 911 sales are steadily going downhill. Porsche can compensate either with SUV sales or try to improve the 911 range. I guess they are now just trying to be another luxury brand with a full range.

  3. So, no 3-door as previewed before? And not until 2014? Guess I'll have to buy something else in the interim.

  4. All companies have only 2 choices: Grow, or Die. Staying about the same is dieing in disguise (as GM discovered). The market for overpriced 2-seat sport coupes is stagnant. Porsche has no choice but to expand into new territory. And they seem to be adapting as well (or better than) anybody in the car business these days.

  5. Though I am not a huge fan of the panamera, the turbo is quite amazing to see in person. The interior is beautiful. The new cayenne is a great looking suv and has now obtained more of a Porsche look, though I would have loved to see it as more of an X6. Hopefully that is what this suv will be. Let's face it even the carera gt is not a typical Porsche but I'm sure no one would deny that it is an amazing sports car.

  6. They should just stick to 2 sports cars and go out of business. It is always the little goofs who will never be able to aford one who are the "Purists".

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