All new 2012 Mercedes SLK commercial

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A leak European commercial, before the car itself is even out.
Kind of looks a bit busy up front.
Like most recent Mercedes design.

We’ll see more, including daylight pictures, very soon…

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  1. Wow, is he a crappy driver!! LOL!! But yes, I agree, the new front end is way too busy and far from distinctive.. and the rest of it (particularly the roof and greenhouse) looks pretty much carryover. Guess there isn't too much new you can do with a folding top and its receptacle.

  2. there's really nothing special, striking or remarkable about the design, it's not ugly, but i can imagine a lot of current slk or even z4 owners seeing this would go "meh"

    the voices for this commercial are really bad, it's almost better watching it mute

  3. What I learned about Mercedes:
    – it will be haunted
    – it will make you drive poorly
    – it will never get dirty on dusty roads
    – the guys that work at their ad agency have never slept with a real woman

  4. I like it. The first generation looked too Miata-like. The second generation looked like it needed rhinoplasty with the design creases sticking in the middle of the hood forming the MB emblem in the grill. To me, this design is overall much cleaner, with perhaps a bit too much chrome trim. I'll have to see in person to better judge it. Intial thoughts are that it is a much more masculine design which pays homage to the 380SL / 560SL from the 80's. I'll take mine with a slut red exterior, tan leather interior please…. thank you– BRAVEDAVE

  5. "They will never be able to make this thing look like something a real man would want to drive."

    If your idea of a real man is limited to Larry the Cable Guy, I guess you are correct.

  6. The head lights should look more like the next generation cls. Very distinctive. I saw one driving in rockland by mercedes head quarters I did a double take cause I knew what it was but they're not out yet. The tail lights look great. Whats the deal w Benz moving the mirrors off the a pillar?

  7. It is hard to get a good design in a car this small size with a retractable hard roof. The first gen was the best and now MB is just getting goofy with all their designs…they are going down-market to increase sales and profits and these vulgar designs appeal to those people.

  8. They should have a middle aged Cougar women driving it a that's who buys them. Only they are not pretty enough to snag a young guy usually.

  9. Vulgar in the front and effem in the back. This thing won't appeal to anyone. The SLK is refered to as a Hairdresser's Car in Europe…LOL

  10. The kind of guy that would drive this thing is the kind that forgets to leave the toilet seat up (not down)

  11. This is a Mercedes commercial? From the creepy recurring shots of the moon, the constant darkness and the creepy woods, it looked like the trailer for the next Twilight trailor. I was waiting for wolves to start howling any minute.

    There is also a funny part when the guy is driving through the desert and he caresses the leather passenger seat. Creepy 🙁

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