All new Fiat Freemont?

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Weird rumor from Europe about Fiat getting a version of the revised 2011 Dodge Journey.

This is a bit strange for a few reasons.
The Journey doesn’t look like anything Fiat would design in the 1st place.
Plus, it is really big by European standards. Longer than a BMW X5 or even a Range Rover Sport.

And the name. Freemont?

The whole thing sounds just out of place.
There seem to be a stronger connection between Chrysler and Lancia, than between Dodge and Fiat.

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  1. I agree completely. This is one strange product. Fiat is neither famous for its SUV, nor for big-sizeed cars. This will moisten Fiats brand image!

  2. The new interior and the 170 hp diesel from fiat instead of VW now will help them alot, not sure how europe feels about badge engineering like us americans do though.. im forced to park next to the current model everyday in my parking lot and ive never once got excited about it …

  3. dunno about how good this will be
    but the name is strange

    a quick googling says that 'Journey' in Italian is 'Viaggio'
    imho that'd be a much better name

  4. I guess Fiat is a "Dry" brand and has to soften it's image with..hmmm…sub-compact compact, mid-size, full size, and…big-sizeed cars?

  5. The front end looks so dated, like an '80's Merkur. It does not look like the design will fit with Fiat's existing line-up.

  6. This isn't good enough to be a Fiat.

    I saw the new interior in person, it isn't that impressive and the plastics are NOT that great.

    This won't pass in Europe.

  7. I bet the replacement for the journey will be very similar to the replacement for Fiat's midsized hatchback, I forget what it is called but they already produce something similar as a Mondeo wagon competitor.

  8. This transitional refinement leads into the next gen of "C-sized" Chrysler/Fiat/Lancia/Alfa/Dodge/Masarati vehicles for 2012 & beyond. I've seen it with a different front end though, so not sure if this was the final choice or not. But it will do for FIAT-Europe for 1-1/2 years what the 200c does for Chrysler-US in the next 1-1/2 years

  9. Anonymous Dec27,5:16PM said…
    "…moisten Fiat's brand image"? What does that even mean?!


  10. "Brand Image" is a MBA term which is meaningless to intelligent thinking people…So "moisten" all you feel you need…Only smart people will be insulted.

  11. "Isn't good enough to be a Fiat?"

    Have you seen most of what the Fiat division has made since they left the US?

    I guess next someone will say American cars even rank below Protons and Chinese knockoffs.

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