Another picture of the new Hyundai Azera

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It will get a 3.3 Liter V6 with 286hp in the US.
Enough to compete.

But also, I think, enough to compete with the Genesis V6…
Again I am not really sure if it’s a good thing.
The Genesis starts at $33 000.
While a loaded Sonata Turbo is almost $30 000.

Not a lot of room for another sedan….

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  1. 3.0 with 263 hp and 3.3 with 286 hp. wow, that's bmw/cadillac number.
    that's the good thing about not having an "upper division" like honda/acura toyota/lexus etc.those brands often intentionally water things down and keep options out of their mainstream brand to justify their luxury divisions.

  2. While Azera will be equipped with 3.3L MPI engine the Genesis V6 will be upgraded to 3.5L GDI version (producing over 330hp) paired with the all new 8sp auto trans.

  3. The Genesis and the Azera are 2 totally different animals. They target different groups of people. The Genesis is rear wheel drive and the Azera is front wheel drive. The Genesis targets people who would normally buy a luxury brand like the BMW/Lexus/Cadillac crowd. The Azera will go after people who looks at large front drive sedans like the Taurus/LaCrosse/Avalon.
    I think the Azera looks great. Hyundai/Kia are doing some great stuff right now.

  4. Vince you keep banging the same drum. The new Genesis will be much more differentiated than the Azera. I think this is not an issue of cannibalizing existing models, but taking sales away from other guys. It is like saying the Altima and Maxima cannot coexist. For some people, like me, a V6 is preferable to a 4 turbo. Smoother and more reliable. And size wise, some folks do not wish to go around in a car the size of Genesis.

  5. this style , as in sonata grille etc…. looked real good for about 1 to 2 months. now it looks like older hyundais that dated just as quickly. to me, i see a cheap car. as in low end, budget, common, not an infiniti type car.

  6. Hyundai doesn't sell many of the base Azera GLSs or base Genesis V6s, so despite the price charts, there really is a window in the $30-36k range for the Azera to live. Besides, not everyone wants a RWD car, which rules out the Genesis for a lot of people. The current Azera is not a viable option for those people (not luxurious enough and lacks style), hopefully the new Azera will be.

  7. Looks pretty good but why does Hyundai insist on front ends that look like they've been in an accident? And what's with the Huge foglamps? They look the same as the one's on the Sonata!

  8. I really think that Hyundai is becoming the next Toyota. I don't necessarily think that that's a good thing, since the world already has enough boring me-too cars. But for Hyundai, it's an improvement.

  9. Not bad looking, considering it's just a stretched Sonata with the V6 the Sonata won't get. With that spec alone, it justifies itself more than the Maxima justifies itself against the V6 Altima.

  10. "I really think that Hyundai is becoming the next Toyota."

    That's an insult to Hyundai.

    I think (Hyundai) is better than that.

    Toyota is in a freefall.

    And the landing won't be pretty.

  11. Hey guys, every time you bash Toyota, please tell us what you drive. And how that compares to a similar Toyota model? No made up stories please…….OK?

  12. Hey guys, every time you bash Toyota, please tell us what you drive. And how that compares to a similar Toyota model?

    Listen fanboy, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! -to quote Mr. Nicholson.

  13. The Azera may work but only if it's much better than other cars in the class and if it sticks out enough in the Hyundai line up. There may but room for it, but actually there was always room for it, and still it never sold well for Hyundai.
    Now that they have two bright stars in the line up; will the Azera's shine bright enough in between them?
    Problem being, make the Azera too nice and it will compete with the Genesis. Step up the Genesis and it may lose the value edge that it has now.
    I love what Hyundai is doing but this may be a problem.

  14. "Listen fanboy, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! -to quote Mr. Nicholson"

    Don't be shy. Tel us what you drive. And don't watch too many movies.

  15. I wouldnt be so worried for Toyota just yet. Hyundai has taken down Nissan, Honda, Mazda, soon to be VW, Ford and then GM. So laugh at all those brands getting their a** kicked first and their fanboys who are jeolous that their favored brand have bean beaten down already.

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