Cadillac CTS Test drive. Coming soon….

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Cadillac CTS Sedan test drive from Vince Burlapp on Vimeo.

Few have guessed it.
But I have been driving the CTS sedan for a week.
And will be reporting on it very soon…

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  1. "A car that fell in anonymity very quickly after its launch"

    You think so? I see a lot of the current gen CTS sedans all over the place. It appears to be much more successful than the model it replaced, which was also considered a success.

    I drove one last winter while in California. It was one of the luxury cars offered by the rental agency (I think it was Hertz or Budget) which also offered Lexus, Audis and Jaguars. I own an Audi, I've had a Jaguar XJ and I detest Lexus. So I gave the CTS a try. It's one of the best cars I've ever driven. The interior is nearly perfect (the cupholder lid shape could use some work. I cracked by Blackberry screen when I shut the lid on it.) The panoramic roof was very nice and I loved the ambient lighting on the dashboard and door panels.

    I could see owning this car.

  2. As an 04 TSX owner, this car is very sharp and I see these on the road frequently in Columbus..they have good presence and I prefer the sedan even to the coupe.

  3. Did your car not have the big sunroof? That's one of the few distinctive features on this car.

    I recently rented one, and it was just O.K. The engine/transmission aren't anything special (base V6); the handling is harsh when it should be soft, and soft when it should be harsh; the engine sounds like it's going to throw a rod on the on-ramp run; the inside looks o.k. but feels cheap; the seats are the kind that you sit "on top of" instead of "in."

    I think the car looks best in lighter colors. The black ones blend-in too much.

    Overall, I don't think it's as good a car as a loaded Accord for $4000 less. The CTS has it over the Accord on looks, but not on drive, comfort or handling. That's not a big difference if you really like the looks, especially since Cadillac will probably price-match the Honda.

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