Hyundai i40 Wagon

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This is the wagon version of the “European Sonata”.

It seems that Hyundai will offer quite a different design for the European version, plus this really good looking wagon version.
Not sure if this will make it over here or not.

It just wouldn’t really fit with our US Sonata.

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  1. It does look like the Elantra.

    I'm disappointed at the rear hatch; a nice boxy rear end allows for much more cargo space and a flip up or power slide down rear window.

  2. Wow, this looks like a Mercedes. Hyundai has some great looking designs. No wonder their sales are setting records.

  3. I agree that it looks more like the Elantra but if it is a European version of the Sonata, then I think it was previewed with the Sonata Hybrid.

  4. I think it would fit in well here in the U.S, the Sonata Hybrid has a different design than the regular Sonata. I really like it, and I hope it comes here.

  5. Would'nt fit with our US Sonota??? WHO FREAKIN' CARES!!! This looks AWESOME!!! I remember seeing spy photos a while ago about a Sonota Wagon with the Elantra front end. This must be it. Hey Hyundai, if this makes it to the USA I'll buy it! Put all wheel drive in it and I'll pay whatever you ask! Well…. you know what I mean:)

  6. I think this is pretty good looking. I can't understand America's aversion to wagons. They would rather buy an SUV when the most rugged terrain most of them see is the grocery store parking lot. The Europeans are much more practical and you see more wagons and hatchbacks than sedans or SUV's.

  7. DEC 11 2:15: Wow, this looks like a Mercedes.

    NO, it doesn't; not even close. To say they look similar is an insult to Hyundai.

    DEC 11 2:15: Hyundai has some great looking designs.

    Yes, it does. The ONLY Mercedes models that are at or above Hyundai's league in design are the NEW E-class, the GLK, and the CLS. The rest of the Mercedes lineup is–and has ALWAYS been–pretty poor (design-wise). ESPECIALLY for the price.

    DEC 11 2:15: No wonder their sales are setting records.

    Sales has NOTHING to do with ACTUAL Quality — or Design. Sales is MARKETING; and design is only 10% of that equation. Quality is even less. "PERCEIVED QUALITY" is 20%(HIGHER PRICE RANGE)-80%(LOWER PRICE RANGE) of the SALES equation. Don't confuse "Perceived" with "Actual". THAT's why Dusenburg, Chrysler & GM went broke while Tata, Toyota, and a dozen Chinese Car Co's are selling tons and making huge profits.

    Price is part of the equation too. Mercedes sells BECAUSE it's over-priced–IN SPITE OF poor design. Ditto for Lexus. Over-pricing is part of what CREATES a Premium Brand. It MAKES it a Status Symbol; and buyer's RATIONALIZE having over-paid by telling themselves (and everybody else) that their purchase made sense (for eg; because a $60k E-class really is NEVER worth TWO Sebrings or THREE Hyundais). The E probably costs only 25% more to build than a Chrysler 200 or mabey 35% more than a Sonata — NOT 200% MORE. (Adjusting for inequalities due to inefficencies including unequal wage rates)

    Tne new Sonata can stand on it's own merits. Don't degrade it by comparing it to a ridiculously over-oriced "Status Symobl". It's an excellent value irrespective of what anybody else is doing.

    No, I don't work for Hyundai and have never owned one. But I've driven a few and I must say they present an excellent value–ALL things considered.

    Certainly a much smarter buy than anything Mercedes.

  8. The Europeans can't afford anything after taxes…The wealthy in Europe prefer SUVs just like everywhere else in the world.

  9. "Certainly a much smarter buy than anything Mercedes…"

    Obviously a comment made by someone who can't afford a Mercedes. Hyundais are still crap. A lot less than they use to be, but still crap. Just because large groups of people buy something doesn't mean anything. People buy lots of Camrys. In the 80s, people bought Cutlasses. Crap in the 80s and crap in the 90s. And Hyundais are now the new car crap of the approaching new decade.

  10. Parboiled is actually right.. this doesn't appear to share any sheetmetal with the "regular" Sonata, the hood and front fenderline are different, and appear to be set slightly higher than that of the sedan.. kind of like how the previous-gen Mazda3 hatch had a higher beltline (and completely different hood and fenders) than the sedan. So this is basically to the Sonata as the Venza is to the Camry. As such, I can't imagine how Hyundai could NOT send it here! And hopefully slap this front end on the Hybrid sedan as well!

  11. Well, imho I think it's a bit much to compare this wagon to a Benz. Granted it is a very good looking wagon and I am not a fan of wagons at all. Most wagons have that old fashioned look but this one is super sleek and contemporary looking.

    Anonymous at 2:15. I think what you said applies to all designer goods, not just cars. However, a lot of people are willing and have the money to pay for "perceived value". However, it's ludicrous to compare an E-class to a Sonata. There is no comparison, the Benz is much better.

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