Karl Lagerfeld sells VWs

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The famous designer is somehow the new spokesman for VW in Europe. Or at least in Germany.

In this one, he seems to play a complete idiot who thinks he’s in Paris instead of a studio in Germany.
Because these cars look so damn good. he thought he was in a Paris fashion show…


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  1. Did anyone else notice the "US" new Jetta in the commercial is a 5-door hatchback??

    For some reason it looks more attractive/better design without a trunk, or maybe because it just looks more like an A3.

  2. That's not what he says. He says these new cars will be loved in Italy, Paris, … And at the end he's being told these models will be only available in Germany (Sondermodelle = limited edition models).

  3. well I get it, but at the same time, i don't. he is German to begin with, and two of his three brands he works for is in Paris… I guess, over encumbered with work, he makes his way to Germany without knowing it, into a german studio, but overwhelmed by the beauty of cars in a studio, thinks he's in Paris?

    btw, good to see him continually over-use Baptist in every shoot… I know he's a good model(not such a great singer) but its time for a fresh face Karl!

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