Mini paceman Concept

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Another one of these concepts that looks production ready.

Not sure what the market is for a “low 3 door SUV” is. But it does look pretty good.

Kind of like a sporty version of the Countryman.

We’ll see if it ever makes it into production soon…

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  1. it actually seems pretty cool…but that low sloping roofline towards the rear will surely make you squint when you need to back up or look in your rearview mirror.—merry xmas to you and all your burlapp fans!

  2. That looks like the meanest mini Cooper I have ever seen. Though I'm not a fan of the whole 2 door suv thing, it's actually nice looking

  3. Isn't the sporty version of the Countryman called a MINI Cooper? This seems redundant. Oh wait… this is for that person that sees the Countryman as too large with its 4 doors, but does not want to sit 2 inches lower to the ground driving the MINI Cooper.

  4. Obviously, another helpless victim of the masked roofchopper.

    For my next act, you'll see a car with the beltline above the roof.

  5. Pretty much every Mini product is within 24" in length and wheelbase of the others.. even the upcoming 2-seater coupe and roadster will be built on the same wheelbase as the regular Cooper, just with a slopier roof. This looks like it slots halfway between the Cooper and Countryman, with a modified version of the upcoming coupe roof. I think Mini is niching itself into a corner.

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