More interior pictures of the 2011 Chrysler 300

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In black.

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  1. It's so kind of them to outline and highlight all the interesting stuff with chrome colored plastic or base-metal. It makes it much easier to disregard it all as complete crap. It the very least, this is bland and unoriginal. At the very worst, this is Hyundai or Chinese level garbage. Actually Hyundai is doing better than this.

  2. Never been a fan of the pentastar – but chrysler is putting out some of my favorite cars. This 300 – no exception. Look at that interior!

    What else is going to compete in this particular space!?!

  3. As long a the 'quality' of materials/construction matches the aesthetics, they've done some great work here.

  4. I was really scared when I first saw that beige with the wood accents :=/

    I'm still a little iffy on the center console… not the greatest design out there, but everything else, especially this black interior with the dark-colored wood and brushed metal accents is very sharp! This car is Hollywood handsome 🙂

  5. I'll still take a Genesis, thanks.

    While this is an improvement, this certainly isn't class leading or even interesting. It is like they took the most conservative design they had created and implemented it.

  6. Black interiors are for boring jackasses who think highly of their own mediocre selves. Any interior will look good in black but a nice light interior for people with taste/class is important.

  7. Black interiors are for boring jackasses

    We don't all look good in yellows & pinks.

    But I like both. This is classy; and so was the light wood/black & tan version. I might just have to buy TWO 300's.

    (Actually I'm going to get a 200c hardtop convertable in the spring; so that will probably go all black leather & chrome. And the LWB 300 I'll get in black & tan.)


  8. Painfully plain.

    Is that really all they could do after six years?

    This is essentially a heavy MMC. Pathetic.

  9. Any interior will look good in black

    The S-class doesn't. Most Acuras & Lexus's don't.

    Is that really all they could do after six years?

    Yea–who do they think they are with this mild refinement? BMW??? They're stealing the German Idea of just refining & refining and never starting over from scratch–like Audi, VW, Mercedes & BMW!!!

    Put a different Badge on it and the naysayers would be lined up around the block to buy one.

    You did well Chrysler, don't let the prejudiced nitpickers tell you any different.

  10. This is a typlical Fiat interior…Total lack of elegance and class.

    Just like Ferrari, Grand Cherokee, Masaratti, Alpha, etc.etc. Like a cheap $10,000 Italian suit.

    Why can't de be elegrunt likea da Kia, Toyota, Edsel, Geely & Honda's Crosstour or Element? Now Dem is a somea klasy karz!!!!

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