More pictures of the new Toyota Vitz/Next Yaris

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Nothing amazing, but I think it does look pretty nice for what it is.

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  1. holy crap what an improvement. and finally more interior color choices beyond black, grey and beige

    but honestly, just about anything is an improvement over the current yaris

  2. With the rear spoiler, it really looks like a Scion XD. Not sure that's a good thing since the XD has been out a while and is ready for a facelift.

  3. UGLY when compared to the Fiesta, Mazda2, Fit and the spy pics of the upcoming new Accent and Rio (oops, I think I just mentioned all of the Yaris' competition)!!!

  4. Toyota's cars are, to put it mildly, dull and borderline ugly. Small cars don't have to be–witness the Fiesta, Fit, etc. Great style does not cost anymore There is no reason smaller cars have to look cheap. And there's no extra cost to produce beautiful designs than poor ones.

    Can anyone name a current Toyota model that is class-leading in the category of "beautiful?"

  5. For Toyota this is actually quite good, but this is faint praise indeed. The dash is horribly juvenile looking…. they really need to clean house in their design department.

  6. "Okay.

    The back seat looks like a park bench!"

    December 22, 2010 7:16 PM

    So do all back seats on small cars.

  7. are they serious about the interior? its fugly

    also, the car does look nicer than the current version but still the koreans make better looking cars…

  8. well maybe not class-leading, but i wouldn't say the Venza, Prius, Tundra, or Sienna are class-trailing…

    This little car is a huge improvement over the previous generation, and looks good.Not only that… this will be Toyota's most fuel efficient car, even more so then the Prius, not bad…

  9. Love the minimaist interior, doesn't look cheap yet is purposeful. The rear reminds me of the little taxi cabs I would climb into when I was in Europe last summer.

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