New Ford Territory.

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The “new” Ford Territory doesn’t seem that new when compared to the current model.
The main change is up front, with some new tail lights in the rear.
Maybe a new interior.
The current model came out in 2004, and is based on the RWD Falcon, so it is not related to anything we have in the US. Even though it does look like a cross between the previous Explorer and Taurus X wagon.

2004. That’s a while, for just a new front end…

Here is what the current model looks like.

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  1. Looks like all new sheet metal to me. It's much sleeker and curvier. The belt line and roof line of the old model are straight and square.

  2. it would look really good on if they put this front end on an SUV like the Grand Cherokee, Explorer, or Durango, or even the BMW X5. It doesn't look good on a small flimsy looking CUV b/c the proportions are condensed and loose its aggressiveness(and the hood plays a big role in all of this). It is still a great design scheme that deserves to be done right.

  3. Dav is right. What a friggin' letdown. I saw the illustration and immediately thought that this is what the Explorer should have looked like. Well that is still true for the drawing but this is just a fist full of yawn.

    So what happened to One Ford?

  4. Vince, remember that Australia is a much smaller market than the US (20 million or so total population versus 306 million) so they sell maybe 100,000 or 200,000 new cars a year.

    For a country with such limited resources, they have managed to keep the Falcon that this is based on as well as the Commodore. The catch is that they are merely refreshed when a typical car would be completely revamped, and the "all new" models come out once a decade (like the 2006 or 7 Commodore).

  5. Rick said…
    …So what happened to One Ford?

    OneFord has nothing to do with platforms or engineering or sales or advertising

    it just means they only want One BRAND worldwide
    F O R D

    byebye Lincoln

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