New Nissan Sunny/Versa

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More pictures of the small Nissan Sedan.
This will, most likely, become the next Versa for the US market.

And it does fit what a Versa is known to be. It’s all here:
-Awkward proportions
-Tiny wheels
-Too tall
-Too narrow
-Looks like a 10 year old design
-Roomy and cheap.

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  1. Amazingly horrible. Looks like a 3rd rate Chinese design. Makes the upcoming Accent look sporty in comparison (the Accent fine looking, but we've seen all the design cues already).

  2. If this is the Versa it looks worser. I didn't mind the hatchback before, form follows function. This is just plain ugly.

  3. LOL. I can't believe this pathetic POS is going to launched in the U.S.

    The new Hyundai Accent will wipe the asphalt against this.

  4. Touche, Vince. It would almost be a compliment to Nissan to say this design looks like a ten year old Chinese design–and makes the current Versa look good by comparison.

  5. I don't think this will be the Versa, here in Australia they're going to sell this as the Micra sedan, the Versa (our Tiida) will be released later and will be bigger.

    And it looks like a Chinese design because it was designed for the Chinese market, where they actually like they're small cars to have disproportionately large rear ends to accommodate maximum space.

  6. Isnt this based on the new Nissan Micra? It even has the same interior.. Anyways, the Micra is smaller and cheaper than the Versa, so I think this wont replace the Versa, it will fit in a category below it..

  7. Hopelessly disfigured and deformed. The current Versa (a rather pathetic looking design in its own right) looks much better than this mess. Nissan has lost its way in terms of design.

  8. No, it isn't a Aston Martin, but it's not as ugly as the number of ads you now have on your website, Vince. This car will get the job done for many folks. Period. As for the tiny wheels, how long will it take people to understand they offer lower rolling resistance (better fuel efficiency) and cheaper replacement cost which are really valuable points to any economy car.

  9. I agree with most of the opinons before, as the proportions are off. However I do believe it's because we are not use to it in this class of cars or design in general. (ie. smart/iQ)

    I also completely agree with Anony-10:15 that it's designs (however much some do not like) have their purposes.
    Much the same way as why the bonnets on a Rolls Royce needs to be that HUGE. Whether it's history or function, they all have a purpose. But they DO NOT appeal to EVERYONE.

    Just my 0.02.

  10. Hey, if it replaces the Tiida, then it will replace the Versa. The USDM Versa is tied to that particular model. But yes, it looks like garbage. A Vios/Yaris sedan and the Honda City (basically a angled and chiseled Jazz Sedan; aka Fit for you USDM people).

  11. What exactly am I "listening" for?

    Listen(LOL), This is an improvement on the current childish crap from Nissan.

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