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And looking really good.
Much better than the current model, which is just a slightly revised version of the same thing that came out years ago.

VW seems to be serious about expending its offerings in the US.
A version of the Polo is coming over, as well as a compact coupe.
And of course the all new mid sized sedan, built here.

So this compact minivan could work too. I guess it could depend on how well the Ford Grand C.Max does over here…

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  1. If it ever makes it to the US, it will likely have the 2.0T.. Not that it's a bad engine or anything, but it's kinda makes everything they sell here seem the same when they do that.
    And for 2.0T, the new Sonata (spec wise at least) seems much more impressive than VWs motor.

  2. If VW wants to succeed with this in the US, it had better get good gas mileage. Otherwise, buyers will opt. for a more reliable brand.

  3. If this face will be on the NMS, then WV will have their Accord/Camry fighter, Hyundai Sonata dust trailer.

  4. They should have farmed this one out to chrysler too. The Dodge Journey with new '11 interior would have sold much better (especially in the US & Canada).

  5. Looks good. My wife drives an old Sienna minivan. She says it makes her feel asexual. We need a wagon so maybe something like this would unfreeze her lady parts.

    put some sliding doors on this and I'm sold and possibly getting laid more.

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