Nissan 370 Z test drive

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Although I still think the previous generation was a better and more original design, the current Z is quite a good looking car.
With a really strong presence on the road.
It does look the part of the sports car that it is.

My test car had the Sports package which include a set of gorgeous 19 Inch “Ray Forged Wheels”.


The interior is an improvement in quality and looks over the previous generation.
The car I had for a week did not include navigation. So the space where it would fit was actually a quite convenient storage area.

The seats are very comfortable and supportive. Visibility is OK up front, even with the long hood.
But the sides can be pretty claustrophobic.

The base stereo has “only” 4 speakers, but sounded really good.
I guess it doesn’t take that much to fill up a small 2 seater cockpit.

But I did miss the bluetooth, which is standard in much cheaper other Nissan models.

And, as you can see on these 2 pictures, visibility is pretty bad when you turn around to look behind you.
The side windows behind the doors are 100% useless.
I guess you do get used to it, and other sporty cars don’t even have these windows (Like the Miata).



The steering is sports car tough. Which is good. Accurate and very strong, but can bee twitchy at times.
It’s a car you need to drive and be aware of when you do.
Which is good.


The familiar Nissan V6 feels powerful. But with 302hp I was expecting more from a stop.
The Hyundai Genesis Coupe I drove a few months ago felt quicker.

The Z is rated at 18 City and 26 HWY. I got 17City and 29HWY.
Which is actually pretty decent for such a powerful car. And similar to what I got with the Genesis.

The ride is… Very firm. As it should be for this car. Especially with the 19 inch wheels.
But the structure is very solid and it never felt too harsh for me.
Again, similar to the Genesis Coupe.

The 370 Z is a great sports car.

But its main problem right now is the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L V6.

The Z I test drove was $34 605. Which includes the $3000 sports package.
A similar Genesis Coupe V6 track is about $31 000.
But, the Hyundai includes everything. That means a high end stereo (with bluetooth), sunroof, leather seats and navigation.
Plus, the Hyundai has 2 more seats.

Personally, I think the Genesis coupe looks at least as good as the Z.
It is as fun to drive, a little bit more comfortable, has a better warranty.
And costs about $10 000 less than a loaded Z with sports package and navigation.

The Nissan 370 Z is a great car.
But I would go with the Genesis coupe myself.

And save a lot of money …

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  1. when the last z came out it was unmatched, high powered v6 coupe that can run with much higher priced european coupes, some of which even came with v8s. in addition to the hyundai genesis coupes, nowadays with the massively updated american trio, even the challenger is coming up with 300+hp v6 base trim, and all 3 of those start at low 20's with back seats.

  2. I like how they copied GM's innovation of a glove box top center of the dash (but GM does a much cleaner & better-designed job of it.)

    Overall I agree with the blogger above; this has a long way to go to catch-up with the Challenger, Camero & Mustang.

  3. Vince, if you are looking at just numbers the 370Z performs better than the Genesis Coupe in every single respect.

    I'd still take the GC though, regardless.

  4. You're the first one not to complain about the harsh ride:-).

    The noise is also what about everyone complained. I guess it depends how smooth the road is.

    Issue I didn't like is space. The cargo is very shallow and no backseat (the GCC & TT has at least some space in the back).

  5. I would mind this kind of ride in a Buick, but not in a sports car.
    It's not harder than the competition.
    And that's with the sports package.
    I guess the regular car is a bit smoother.

    The very firm ride fits the car.

  6. I had a 350Z but found the 370Z cabin very noisy. It really needed some sound insulation.The Z also needs about 50 more HP. The auto throttle blip was annoying but could be turned off Tg. The bargain value the 350Z had is diminished when compared to the similar "apples and Oranges" sporty cars Mitsu evo, Subaru STI and Mustang-Camaro cars.

  7. the hyundai is 15 inches longer and can afford the rear seat. The Z is IMO the sportier of the two, while the Hyundai is so much funner to drive and a better daily-driver over all. Compared to other v6 entries from Detroit… both of these cars beat out the Mustang, Challenger, and Camaro, though, there is a great case to make for the v6 mustang and it's 25k price, (and it has a better rear-seat then the Hyundai with it's extra 6 inches of overall length). It also has a decent transmission and works well as a great daily driver as well. Glad to see this segment so competitive and heating up.

  8. The last great Nissan product was the 300Z Twin Turbo from the 90's…one of the best looking and performing cars in the last 20 years….this current gen pales in comparison to what it was – or could be

  9. Wow, there are a lot of ignorant people here.

    The current 370Z will run 0-60 in the HIGH 4'S!!! It also runs the 1/4 mile in the low 13's, or faster than a C5 Corvette.

    Sounds like a lot of people have no idea of what they are talking about. Needs more power? Hardly.

    To: December 23, 2010 2:39 PM

    Ummm, the 370Z has more horsepower, weighs less, has a FAR stiffer chassis, handling can't even be compared, costs less, and the engine is more tractable.

    What in the hell are you talking about?

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