2011 Chrysler 200 Convertible prices.

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The base model will start at $27 200.
Pretty much similar to what they were charging for the base Sebring convertible.


It comes with a 2.4 Liter 4 cylinder engine. And the Chrysler engine is not the smoothest around.
For about $300 more, you get over 300hp with a V6 in the Mustang.

To get the V6 in the Chrysler, you’ll have to order the Limited model for $32 000. Which also comes with leather and 6 speed auto.
In line with a similar Camaro Convertible.

I just think the 200 should have the V6 standard, or a better base engine….

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  1. The base Sebring started at $27,000?!

    I guess if one wanted this really badly, they could get a good deal on a used rental fleet edition.

  2. Who cares! It's still a Sebring with a different front and rear styling! I'd take a Camaro Vert over this anyday!!!

  3. Hysterical. I wouldn't even consider a Chrysler/Dodge product. $32K to get the V-6? They won't be seeing me in the showroom.

  4. The 285 HP V6 is available on ALL models. The 2.4 had a 6-speed STANDARD which makes shifting MUCH smoother. (After a couple months the Dual Dry Clutch 6-speed will come on the 2.4 for even better smoothness.) Standard on the base is active head restraints, electronic stability control with trac tion control and Brake Assist, front-seat-mounted side air bags, side-curtain air bags, and four-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), bright bi-function halogen projector automatic headlamps with LED light pipe accents, LED taillamps, premiun stereo & steering wheel controls, Compass, trip computer, satellite 6-speaker stereo. By comparison Mustang charges extra for good headlights, fog lights, and much of what is standard on the base 200 is only available on the Premium Mustang (which is into the mid 30's)

    I like both the Mustang and 200 a lot. If I could get the Mustangs Muscle-car looks with the 200's lights, wheels, room, sophistication, and folding steel roof; I'd be extactic.

    As it is; it's really a tough decision. The sophistication of the 200 vs the brute force of the 'Stang. If my wife weren't there to point out the foolishness of having 2 convertables I'd already own one of each. But if I can only have 1 it's a pretty hard decision. One day I say Mustang; the next I'm sure to get the 200. (But I still believe that in the end, She'll let me have BOTH!)

  5. To: January 29, 2011 5:54 AM

    The sophistication? LOL, dude STFU.

    There is nothing sophisticated about the Sebring/200.

    The Mustang still has a better interior, a better engine, handles better, and has decent leg/foot room in the rear. No one is going to pay nearly $40k for a folding hardtop on a Chrysler product.

    Bottom line? The Mustang loses nothing over the 200, except for about an inch of rear legroom, a tradeoff I'd be willing to make.

  6. Different strokes for different folks, but it's hard for me to believe there would be any debate between a Chrysler convertible and a Mustang. But I guess if the 200's "sophistication" is a purchasing factor, you have different criteria than me.

  7. "bright bi-function halogen projector automatic headlamps with LED light pipe accents, LED taillamps"

    Let me stop you right there. There's nothing special about halogen headlights anymore…projector or refractory. Im surprised you didn't add in the "clear lens" adjective in that sentence. Adding in glowsticks and LED tail lights still doesn't equate to $32,000 in my book.

    Don't get me wrong….this is a decent vehicle that is a great breath of fresh air from the Sebring, but this is last on the list within the $32,000 segment. The Limited should be about $26,000 for the soft top V6 and $28, for the hard top. The Base 4 banger needs to be $21,000 to make the slightest bit of sense if they MUST use that engine in this car.

  8. Such is the nature of the bread & butter D-segment: fear of bold designs and bolder powertrains. Play it safe for the mothers and commuters who will happily buy a Camry (at any price) everytime they go car shopping.

  9. I find it interresting that Camry & Chrysler 200 are rated exactly the same (saw it in either Motor Trend or Consumer Reports this month; not sure which.) Being that they have such different personalities.

  10. The Mustang still has a better interior,…No one is going to pay nearly $40k for a Chrysler product.

    I disagree. Especially when they're paying $50k for a (Shelby) Mustang and $60k for a loaded 3-series Vert. The 200c is $35k absolutely loaded with EVERY imaginable option; NOT $40. (And not the $50k that people were gladly paying for 300 SRT & 300c LWB the last few years– both $40k+++ Chryslers that sold well.)

    As far as the seats, you must be looking at a Sebring, which has worse seats than a Mustang Premium. But the 200c has better seats than either.

  11. The Pentastar V-6 is a $1,795 option on the Touring model. Standard on the Limited and upcoming S models.

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