2012 BMW 6 Series

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The all new 6 series was just caught in the street, naked…

When compared to the current model (bottom), I’m not sure the new one looks that much better.
I always liked the 6 series, and I think the next one actually looks more conservative, and not as sporty.
And the trunk just seems too long.

Maybe it’s one of these cars that “looks better in person”….

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  1. Super Conservative, it honestly looks almost front wheel drive from some angles. What a big step backwards.

  2. How Utterly 'Evolutionary'… and it's lost all of its previous edge/allure, looking like little more than a 5-Series two-door now.

  3. Agreed, this redesign looks very bland and ugly! Slab-sided and thick with long overhangs. What a shame – BMW really screwed up the proportions on this one.

    I'd get the current-gen 6-series, which still looks great with shark-like headlamps, wide stance, sexy fender flares, and expressive sculpting. It never fails to catch my eye. Hurry while they're still on sale before the ugly redesign comes out.

  4. that's some dumb looking wheels they've got.

    and it's pretty darn hard to tell which one is supposedly the newer version.

  5. i was shocked that looking at it the first time, i actually thought the old 6-series looked okay.
    awful proportions, that side-fold thing and the whole boring front end.
    hard to believe this came from the same company that brought us the z4.

  6. I love the original. This is just one of those pics of a base model that looks like garbage. The wheels are small the color is horrible

  7. Chris Bangle please come back, your designs are truly timeless. You set the benchmark for 21st century car design. I think all the new generation BMWs recently released i.e. Z4, 7, 5 & X1 are nothing radical like it once was under your leadership. Oh well. Maybe the next trend setter will come unexpectedly from another maker & I hope they're from a Japanese brand. I admire designers who think outside the norm & thus take risks which they know will be worth it in the end. I guess we just have to wait & see who will be the new benchmark if any in automobile design…

  8. You guys must be blind to think the hideous current bloated 6 series (which reminded me of a Chrysler Stratus in coupe form). The new 6 Series has to be seen in person to be appreciated. It is a lot more elegant and BMW looking than that horrid fat inelegant Bangle design

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