2012 Buick Verano video

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I am a big fan of the LaCrosse.
And I do want Buick to succeed.

But I am still not sure about the Verano.
Being basically an Astra sedan, it’s really not big. And I really don’t think the modern shapes of the interior match well with the cheezy wood and plastic chrome trim.
Not sure who it is for either. A second car for older people?

We’ll see…

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  1. Compact Luxury Vince – it's a new trend – -ever hear of it?

    The interior and exterior is perfectly inline with all of the well received other Buick vehicles – don't know why you would have issue with it.

    It allows people to drive a much easier to handle/maneuver car, without sacrificing any luxury or comfort.

    Think Audi A3 – do you have a hard time justifying it's existence?

  2. Compact Luxury has been around forever, in Europe.
    And it usually tries to appeal to a younger audience than the larger Luxury models. Just like the A3 isn't just a shrunk A6.

    The Verano still has that "old man's car" look to it.
    I cannot imagine the Audi A3 crowd even looking at a Verano.
    But really, I just hope I'm wrong.

  3. I', not saying that the A3 crowd is the same as the Verano crod. Is it not possible that some are interested in A3 for its sportiness – and others for the Verano's luxury?

    It's not a no brainier by any shot – but Buick is trying to break new ground in the US – and being the only true player in the Compact Luxury (not sport) space – if the audience does exist, Buick will own it.

  4. Nice. Clearly differentiated from the Chevy Cruze on which the Verano is based.
    Seems GM learned its lesson about the destructiveness of "badge engineering."

  5. I like the idea of this car. The idea that is. But the reality is that this car isn't going to compel younger buyers. It's a half hearted attempt to make a me-too car. In my opinion, here's what it needs…

    – Ditch this tan color. This shade belongs on Toyota minvans.

    – Give it AWD to mechanically distinguish it from the Cruze

    – Up the HP slightly. Even 10hp would make a difference.

    – Make the grille sleeker and slightly more aggressive. This looks dopy and out of proportion to the rest of the car.

    – Are the tail lamps incandescent bulbs? The new Optima LED units are copies of Audi and are a hundred times better than this.

    – The front parking lights within the headlamps are too conventional and unoriginal.

    That said, I'm concerned for Buick with this car. There isn't an exciting line, surface or color anywhere on it. I want it to succeed but I am certain that this isn't good enough.

  6. It will sell to stupid secretarys and thats about it, ud be better off and cooler looking to buy a used 3 series or spend a tad more and get the sexy regal, or just save thousands and buy a 2011 Optima ! this verano (sik) starts at 21.5k and goes up to 29k say what ?? its way overpriced !

  7. Great music accompanying the video. It took about 3 minutes of online research to find the album and alas, the iTunes downloads. Oh, and the car: It's okay…please lose the stupid fake wood. Make it an accessory for those who must have it. And #1 on my list..those 4-cylinder power plants better be smooth and vibration/buzz free in all usable rpm zones. "Buick luxury" is not and cannot be associated with anything that sounds like a Civic or an Altima.

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