2012 Honda Civic sedan evolution

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You can tell when comparing the 2012 model to the current one, that is will actually be an all new design.
But it’s very hard to tell.

I still like the current model. Not sure why they couldn’t keep it another year or two, and come up with something more modern later…

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  1. Not bad, but doesn't do anything new or exciting. I still think the 2012 Ford Focus is the car to beat in this segment!

  2. I'd say the reasons are as follows Vince:
    1) Focus
    2) Elantra
    3) Cruze

    Certainly an evolution…I wish they'd show the interior. I'm with you though that I think this should have been a much more dramatic change. Just like the Focus, Elantra and Cruze were dramatic changes from their predecessors.

    It'll still sell boat loads, and still be the best selling car in Canada – however only because of the name plate. I can't see how this will attract new buyers to the Honda dealers.

  3. i'm with anonymous.
    i used to LOVE honda's in the 80's and early 90's, but they don't sell anything that i would actually buy for myself.
    the lack of a super-practical four door hatch hurts their desirability for me. but then, i'm canadian, so who cares?

  4. Again, I was ready for a HUGE disappointment and this actually looks really damn good.

    Thank you Honda, for not trashing the Civic.

  5. The Elantra and Veloster will the toughest competition for the new Civic. I've been a Honda fan ever since I had a CRX, but I think Hyundai has won me over. Now, if the US got the next generation Euro Civic 5-door hatch, then that would be another story.

  6. The 2012 sedan concept shown here is NOT an Si like the current model you are comparing it to. The new model builds on the current design and looks great!

  7. Vince thnx for the before and after shots, another blog was saying it kept the same headlamp units, and this proves there wrong, and the small window in the rear doors seems different sized/shaped ? everyone seems to think they didnt change the doors at all …

  8. The design is growing on me…

    I fear that they'll launch this thing with toothing ring sized wheels as the 'base' models; which will completely marginalize an already questionable design evolution (specifically on the sedan – which to me sreams early 2000's Camary).

  9. "Anonymous said…

    If Checker still made cabs…
    THIS is what they would look like.

    January 12, 2011 5:32 PM"

    Really? It would be a C segment vehicle with a body kit and 19" wheels?

    Trolls are so ignorant.

  10. Don't know why they're bothering. Lots of effort for so little change, but that's how the Civic has always been done. The 2018 Civic will probably look radical compared to this one.

  11. It needed to be an evolutionary rather than revolutionary change. The 2006 model was pretty drastic change from gen 7. The current Civic is by far the class of the segment, no need to mess with the formula too much. But as another said earlier, I am more than pleased with this design, was very worried from some of the camoflauged spy photos that have floated around.

    Word has it that there will be revolutionary changes going on under the hood, more HP and 40 mpg highway. Good job Honda!

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