2012 Honda Civic sedan video

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Even though Honda still calls it a concept, the car you see here is pretty much the production version.
Ans even though the design is all new, it still looks so much like the current car…

The big question remains about the interior design.
But from what we’ve seen in spy pics just a few weeks ago, it looks like we’ll end up with a blockier version of the current model.

We’ll see….

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  1. The rear end looks more than a little like it was stolen from Mercedes. I would expect that from the Chinese but am surprised Honda would stoop to that level. The irony is that it doesn't work well on this design at all.

  2. It doesn't work well on the design?

    Give me a break and I'll give you eyeglasses.

    Look how those side lines flow right into the taillights. It gives the car a cohesive design. something that has been missing from some of Honda's offerings.

  3. While the taillights do look Mercedeish remember those are evolution designs from previous and current Accords and most recently the Crosstour's

  4. "And even though the design is all new, it still looks so much like the current car…"

    Keep in mind that evolutionary designs do tend to look like previous generations. Put them side by side and you will immediately notice the difference. The current Civic still looks good for its age, so why mess with a good thing.

  5. The more I see the new Civic, the more I like it. There's something to be said for keeping a car's design roots. Seems to have worked well for the Corvette, Mustang, and several other cars.

  6. It's actually growing on me…..but I still expect more from Honda. I guess those days are gone. At least they totally screw the it up like they did with the once handsome Accord.

  7. All this pig needs is a little more lipstick and a greasy car salesman to hawk it.

    -it'll sell by the $hitl0ad!!!

    Like PT Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute!"

  8. honda learned a lesson from the disaster that was the TL, make incrimental changes instead of big bad ones

  9. The 2012 Honda Civic version offers an updated rear bumper and tail lights, as everyone mentioned. In addition, it will be offered in three power trains; traditional, natural gas and hybrid.

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