2012 Honda Civic

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These are still labelled “concept” by Honda.
But they are pretty much the production version we’ll see in a few months.

While the coupe is a bit more aggressive than the current version, the sedan looks like a step backward.
This is all they could come up with after 5 years?
It looks almost like the same car.

And from what we’ve seen of the interior in spy pics, it might look even worse inside.

Good luck….

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  1. Honda is officially dead to me now. They've lost their mojo.. these look like ass compared to the Elantra. How can a car company deteriorate so fast.

  2. I agree, the changers do seem a bit on the conservative side but I guess they don't want to mess with a good thing? I think the back of the coupe looks a bit different. I also think the headlights are a bit more compact and edgier. Overall minor changes though.

  3. This looks better than the previous illustrations and spypics.
    Hopefully for their sake they stick with this one.

  4. The Loooks are Minor Changes but I understand that this is an ALL NEW CAR. I currently have a 07 Si Sedan, and Love the car. I am not too thrilled with the styling direction they went with here though. I know it's subtle, but in the wrong direction. But regardless I can't wait to see how this ALL NEW New Si drives and Performs. Thats how I base my buying decision, not on looks alone.

    But why do these concepts look like they are completed plastic sacle model kits by revelle?

  5. Honda sold a lot of Civics so that's probably why they are very cautious with redesign. Still beats Corolla and Hyundai certainly has edgier (polarizing?) design. I still hope we'll see a Acura CL or RSX again.

    Highway mileage would be around 40mpg.

  6. The production versions do not look like this and these are concept cars, expect the real ones to be dumbed down alot !

  7. Well, if all goes according to plan in the circle of life, Honda should be looking forward to a rebirth soon.

  8. Very ugly exteriors.
    It looks like they raised the beltline, which worsens visibility and makes you feel closed in when sitting in the car.
    A major disappointment.

    Let's see what the interior and the mechanical specifications are.

    Does Honda even listen to their focus groups? Or is this what people really want?

  9. A very evolutionary design from the current excellent design. What's wrong with that? The 2012 Civic is sharp and will age well as most Honda designs. If fuel efficiency and content are up Honda has a grand slam with this one! Hyundai's latest batch is nice enough but so busy they're going to look old tomorrow.

  10. It looks as though Honda has hired some designers from Toyota. The sedan is loaded with busy character lines and bulging surfaces. Honda should be a design leader (they once were in my opinion)instead of a me-too company. The director of design should retire….NOW!

  11. These are all new? The body of the coupe looks like a small version of the current Accord coupe. The sedan reminds me of the Kia Forte in the front.
    Hope Honda doesn't price this too high even if it gets 40 mpg because there is no real reason to buy this.

  12. I actually think it looks damn good after I was ready for a HUGE disappointment.

    Let's hope they get the powertrains right and they will have another best seller on their hands.

    Vince, there is a guy on 8thCivic.com who has over 500,000 miles on his 2006 Civic sedan. That isn't a typo, a HALF MILLION MILES!

    "Anonymous said…
    Honda is a joke LOL!!!

    January 10, 2011 7:14 PM"

    Yeah, third best selling car in America is a joke.


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