2012 Hyundai HA???

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This tiny Hyundai is mostly designed for the Indian market.
Where it will be slightly more expensive than the Tata Nano.

That means, we won’t see it over here anytime soon.

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  1. Yes, let's scram away for a PUBLIC AREA. Sorry buddy, your not fat enough to block this Gnat of a car. BTW, those wheels look REAL attractive! I might steal the idea from when I design my own car…..from used garage parts.

  2. It;'s the Next Gen Hyundai i10 Vince. The Hyundai i10 just recieved a minor refresh, but like the Accent All Hyundai small cars get a later than a mid cycle refresh.

    The Nano sized car-Hyundai i0 is still under development.

    This is the Hyundai Version of the KIA Picanto.

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