2012 Mercedes C Class Coupe

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Kind of weird to have a coupe version of a 4 year old design.
But the new coupe does look pretty good.
Plus, it inherits the “new for 2011” interior. So I guess, it it mostly new.

More on this very soon.

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  1. That color is called Alubeam. My lord, it is so gorgeous.

    Hey Vince, have you ever seen that color in person on a clean vehicle? Possibly one of the most beautiful finishes you will ever see in your life, I assure you of that. It isn't just silver.


  2. It does have the stance of a Honda Accord, but I think it looks good. But if this is supposed to compete with the A5/S5, I'm not sure that this is going to do it. As good as it looks, this seems a notch or two lower than the A5.

  3. Ya know I was hoping that it wasnt true, but it is. There Is a b pillar and that back window? I guess Benz is robbing honda

  4. That front end is hot the rear end is aweful ! and ugly and cheap looking tail lamp units ! love the current c class headlamp units alot, hope these new ones will wear on me !

  5. Ok… That Honda Accord Coupe 'Photo Chop' is pretty funny and all, but can we see the actually C-Class Coupe already, because there's just no way that an 'alleged' luxury-car leader would design/market something this down-market/mundane/old looking?

    If this really is 'IT", then it certainly wasn't worth the wait.

  6. How could you say that rear view looks nothing like the Honda accord coupe? The way that rear side window tapers up is absolutely the Honda accord.

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