2012 Mercedes SLK

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Here it is.
After seeing spy pictures of it for the last 38 years, we finally see the real thing.

It does look like a blockier version of the current model. Just like most new Mercedes designs.
But it’s not that bad.
Although I’m not sure yet if it looks better than the current model.

It does seem a bit more aggressive. As well as a little more retro, especially inside.
Just like the BMW Z4.

The base model for the US will be a 1.8 Liter Supercharged engine with 201 hp . 6 speed auto or manual will be available.
201hp doesn’t seem that much for what is still an expensive premium car…
Especially when Hyundai can squeeze over 270hp from a 2.0 Liter engine. good.

Next up will be the familiar 3.5 Liter V6.

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  1. Not nearly as well-designed as the (mechanically identical) Chrysler Crossfire of a feww years back. But certainly an improvement over the previous SLK. All things considered, I'd buy another Crossfire before getting this, however–even if it meant buying used instead of new.

  2. Vince, the V6 will be bumped to 306HP so it isn't that familiar at all.

    BMW is offering a turbo 4 with ~200HP as well for the Z4.

    Did you miss all of that?

  3. If that grill gets any bigger, it's going to turn itself inside-out, spattering its guts all over the road. But hey, at least they moved the cup holder so your Venti doesn't block the A/C vents.

  4. It must be me, but, have we not seen this design over and over in the past 10 years or so. Yawnnnn……

  5. Not very newsworthy. The protruding vertical grille isn't doing this car any favors. Aside from that, it could be confused for the same car that's been around for the last ten years.

  6. this is the most unappealing and ugly vehicle i have seen recently! the rear looks droopy and a mix of old BMW M Roadster and something from Daewoo, and the front, well, the front does not look good on such a small car… its looks terrible, they should never have changed it!

  7. I sort of prefer an evolution of the current model + some aggressive styling bits. This blocky front end does not work as well for this car, or for the new CL. It does have a very sexy interior.

  8. The rear is the biggest dissappointment for me. Can't MB come up with something stylish for the rear of this car?

  9. why is everyone so against this new slk? it looks leaps and bounds better than the outgoing model considering it doesn't look like a girls car anymore and has some substance and road presence. vince, the 1.8 is meant to allow more people into the mercedes brand and you have to remember, this is a supercharged engine. not nearly the boost pressures that hyundai is using with their turbos. i think you need to compare apples to apples. the bmw to the benz. i would take the bmw any day.

  10. Does anyone actually know what SLK stands for?
    If I remember correctly…
    sport, light, short (in German).

    so sporty, I'll give them that…but L and K is now just Oxymoron.

    Over the years, the car has gotten bigger, heavier, far from the original concept of SLK.


  11. I like that Mercedes is going back to it's squarish designs. This is also in part a move to remind people of when Benz's were made to last. If you remember In 2000 wen Mercedes started going for the rounded look, it's also when they started adding tons of technology that would break down.
    Though I don't believe that the exterior is that much better then the current, it is still better non the less. The hood remains long, rear remains short.
    The interior is retro. If you remember the SLs from the 19802 then you will smile at certain touches such as the air vents. The electronic glass roof is interesting, but I don't fin it to be a deal breaker by any means.
    I hope mercedes gives this car and all other products better quality. When Mercedes used to build cars they wouldn't worry about price brackets. They built the car to a bench mark quality, then called in accountants to figure how to price it. To be the bench mark again I think they need to find a happy median.

  12. PS "SL" stands for "Sport Length" and the "K" stands for "Kompressor" because of the kompressor engine

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