2012 Saab 9-5 Sportwagon

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Back from the dead with the 1st official picture.

I like the sedan, but I think the wagon is even better looking, and even more of a Saab.

But, so far, the sedan hasn’t been getting stellar reviews.
Most people are saying it is fine, but not worth $50 000.
And this wagon would be even more…

We’ll see…

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  1. Vince,

    The sedan starts at $38 525, not $50 000.

    You really need to test drive a 9-5. Most US reviewers basically wrote "it doesn't say BMW on the back, so it can't be as good as it seems."

  2. I sat in one at an auto show. It sure was a nice Malibu…but not worth $38,000 big ones! I did like it over the Buick though.

  3. It's GM (Designed & Engineered by)

    Therefore the Design is Spectacular

    And the GM haters will trash it regardless of actual handling, MPG, acceleration, cd, #of G's, etc.

    Yet another unsung hero from the masters of stylistic perfection.

  4. The sticker price is shocking.
    Far too much money for what you get. This probably will be comparable to the Lincoln Town Car in terms of worst (most) depreciation: a loaded version that stickers for $50k will be found for half that price a few months after it leaves the lot.

    I do prefer the wagon over the sedan, but that's my general preference. I wish the rear hatch were more blocky/vertical, so you could fit more in the back.

  5. Love the look and I feel nostalgic for the two Saabs I had in the past.

    Unfortunately, one of the business mags yesterday included Saab on its list of companies expected to disappear from the US this year.

  6. WOW, I'm so lucky!

    Each time I visit BurlappCars, I win an iPad!

    I already have so many I don't know whom to give them to.

    Ant takers?

  7. Nice wagon. I visited a DC Saab dealer the other day to see the sedan, very nice, including the Biopower version.

    I'm not really sure where the hatred stems from on these cars? Did one of them run over your kitten as a kid??? They're far superior to alot of other options in the mid/high 30's and that is what they're mostly stickering for. I say give Spyker a chance as they roll out the upgraded interiors, they've already signed contacts with new suppliers etc.

    Sure GM management sucks, but they're transitioning away. Geez. For a company that invented the turbocharger and many safety features you'd think car enthusiasts wouldn't be so eager to see another brand killed off while every other car becomes some German wannabee.

  8. Clean, Distinctive & Unique without getting funky, overwrought, & perverse. And that's a real rarity these days.

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